A new trick is allowing MWZ trolls to explode Exfil choppers, blowing them up as other players attempt to extract from MW3 Zombies!

Once you’re at the end of your MW3 Zombies run, it’s time to Exfil and escape with your loot. But what happens when another player decides to detonate your ride out of the MWZ?

Unfortunately, that issue is becoming all too common as MWZ trolls have uncovered a new exploit.

Players Are Exploding Exfil Choppers

There’s a new trick that is blowing up Exfil choppers in MW3 Zombies, allowing trolls to spoil the fun for other players.

By tossing a Juggernaut marker into an Exfil helicopter, players are causing the killstreak’s Care Package to fall onto the vehicle from above.

Juggernaut Care Package Marker at MWZ Exfil

And for whatever reason, this causes it to instantly blow up, removing the Exfil opportunity from the game.

Hilariously, the pilots are unaffected and will remain sitting in the air until the next Exfil arrives.

Since players with a lot of Essence (like those abusing the new Tombstone duplication trick) can afford infinite Juggernauts from the Buy Station, it’s possible that exploit abusers could keep destroying Exfil choppers indefinitely.

Care Package Blows Up MW3 Zombies Chopper

And if they blow up the Final Exfil, it could spell disaster for all affected players. However, there is a silver lining.

How to Exfil With an Exploded Helicopter

As it turns out, so long as you’re already inside the helicopter when it explodes, you’ll be able to Exfil as normal in MWZ! If you’re inside the chopper you’ll be unharmed even when it blows up, and you can even Exfil as intended.

Hilariously, this often leads to a great deal of confusion, with players floating in the air in an invisible shell of what was once the Exfil helicopter.

But the good news is, even if you do encounter someone blowing up your Exfil in MW3 Zombies, you’ll be safe so long as you’re already on board!

Thanks to YouTuber Glitching Queen for pointing out this new solution to the Exfil issue!

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