MW3 Zombies has garnered a lot of praise from the player base, but fans believe it is only a few changes away from being a “legendary Zombies experience.”

The open-world mode is a lot different from the iconic round-based gameplay that Zombies fans have come to know. But based on feedback, it seems MWZ has been a success so far.

However, there will always be room for improvement, particularly in a mode still in its early days. Now, a Reddit post has gained a lot of traction, with ideas to improve the mode.

MW3 Zombies Fans Want These Changes to Make MWZ Better

A post on the Cod Zombies Reddit by user grizz2211 has gained a lot of popularity after they listed six changes that would make MW3 Zombies a “legendary” mode.

Here is what the community wants to see changed or implemented:

1. Fix the Tombstone Exploit

One of the most significant bugs in MWZ is the Tombstone exploit. Players use this glitch to duplicate items as well as money. This has created an environment where players are constantly begging for Essence in-game. We have seen this ourselves.

Sometimes, you will run into players generous enough to share their Essence. Although, in general, it ruins the point of grinding if you can glitch in hundreds of thousands of this in-game currency.

This is why plenty of players are hoping for this exploit to be fixed. As if there is no grind, the game can become stale very quickly.

Tombstone Stash Grave in MW3 Zombies

2. Bring In a Trading Post

Despite many players being unhappy with the begging the Tombstone exploit has brought, they still want to be generous with other users.

The trading outpost can be a place to give players items that you do not need. Perhaps you could do it for free or even trade to get something you don’t have.

Additionally, this area would be a zombie-free zone and a place to have a breather if the undead horde becomes too much.

It would be a great way to maintain a non-toxic environment while keeping the generosity MW3 Zombies players have shown so far.

3. Increase Stash Size & Rucksack Limit

Another issue players have is the stash size and rucksack limit. If you are going into a match looking to enter Tier 3 or the Dark Aether, you will always come out of the game with less loot for your next run.

For example, if you go into a match with a full backpack, you will only come out with around the same number of items as you went in with, and maybe even fewer if you get schematics you wish to keep. This leads to pretty much no progression.

In terms of the Stash Size, you can only hold ten acquisitions. This means you will never be able to grind to build up a backlog of items.

Once you reach the limit, you will have to bring the excess into the next game or destroy it.

MW3 Zombies Acquisition and Backback Stash players want a change for

4. Make Schematic Cooldown Reduce Based on In-Game Performance

Schematic Cooldowns are probably one of the most prominent issues players have with MW3 Zombies. The cooldown times are incredibly long, with Wonder Weapons having a two-day timer.

One way to address this complaint is to make it so in-game performance will directly reduce the timer, similarly to how exfilling will reduce your insured weapon slot time.

Cooldown could be reduced by the following:

  • Number of contracts completed.
  • Amount of zombie/special zombie kills.
  • A succesful exfil.

In doing so, you will increase the replayability of the mode, rather than players exiting MWZ and waiting for their schematics to cool down before they hop back in.

Players want schematic cooldown change in MWZ

5. Introduce a Bank System

One thing we found is that once you have a three-plate vest, a large rucksack, and tons of acquisitions, Essence becomes less important.

However, there are times when you will need it, for example, if you want to buy a Juggernaut Killstreak from a Tier 3 shop.

Grinding cash in MW3 Zombies becomes pretty much pointless since you cannot transfer Essence from game to game.

The suggestion in the Reddit post is to create a bank system that allows you to store Essence for future matches. Of course, the Tombstone exploit would need a fix beforehand. This way, we don’t instantly have MWZ millionaires.

If the developers don’t want players to have access to all of this money early on, they can set a cap on the amount you can store.

A banking system in Zombies isn’t a new idea. This was a core feature in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Zombies, featuring in all of the main maps besides Origins.

You could store points in the bank and take them out during future rounds!

Black Ops 2 Buried Bank deposit
Bank on Black Ops 2 map Buried / Credit: Survain

6. Make Other Weapons Better

At the moment, there are only a handful of weapons that are powerful enough to take on Tier 3 and the Dark Aether.

Buffing other weapons will bring more variety to MWZ, and this can only be a good thing. After all, we are certainly tired of dropping in with the same Akimbo TYRs or WSP Swarms each game.

MWZ Two of the best weapons in the game

That is all of the changes players want for MW3 Zombies, and we think they would be great additions to the mode. Whether or not they arrive is another question.

We will have to wait until Season 2 launches to see if any of these suggestions are taken on board.

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