MWZ has been successful in MW3, with tons of players enjoying the new take on the classic Zombies game mode; however, one of the biggest things being praised is the community.

With a maximum of 24 players on the map at one time, all of whom are part of the same team, it has led to many wholesome interactions.

It seems the Zombies community wants to reinvent the old-school narrative of the Call of Duty fanbase being toxic.

MWZ Players Showing Generosity

MWZ players are praised for showing kindness in-game and dishing out lots of free points to other community members.

These generous gamers are likely using the Tombstone duplication glitch and giving out the excess points to other users.

The appreciation for these Operators comes from a Reddit post by Dbomb5900, who shares their experience of receiving tons of Essence in multiple matches.

This was not just one player reporting a scenario like this. This Reddit user claims they were given 100,000 Essence for free as well.

byu/Dbomb5900 from discussion

Similarly to the praise towards users for sharing their points, others have received the same for providing players with schematics.

The classified schematics are extremely tough to obtain, so it was a big deal for this MWZ community member to get them for free.

Possible Location for Free Points from Other Players

Based on the comments under the post, players have found a specific spot on the map for giving out free points.

Multiple users state they use the Tombstone duplication glitch with their grave spawning in F6 on the map.

byu/Dbomb5900 from discussion

Meanwhile, another MWZ community member provides a more precise location of where to go.

byu/Dbomb5900 from discussion

According to the information provided above, we believe the location to be found by the area marked by the red rectangle below:

MWZ Community spot for giving out free points

Hopefully, the MWZ community will keep this wholesome outlook and keep gifting free points.

However, there was an instance of an MWZ player accidentally killing another Operator. Although, they did revive them in the end.

We hope to get free schematics and points next time we load in!

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