Schematics and Weapons are very important to the gameplay of MWZ, but many in the community are unhappy with the current cooldown times.

Whenever you craft a schematic, you must wait a certain amount of time before being able to use it again. Some of these can take days to become available.

This has frustrated many Call of Duty Zombies fans, and they have tons of reasons for “hating” the cooldown times.

Why MWZ Fans Hate Schematic & Weapon Cooldown Times

There are several reasons why MWZ fans hate the Schematic cooldown times. These issues were listed in a post on the CoD Zombies Reddit.

Their first issue is that you are punished for dying more than in any other CoD Zombies experience.

In past iterations of Zombies, all punishment would be solely for the game you died. However, with the introduction of Schematics and Weapon cooldown times, they are punished for failure in previous games.

For example, if you head into a match after crafting a Juggernog perk can and die before you can obtain another one to exfil with, you cannot create this perk until the three-hour cooldown finishes.

This mean you will be at a bigger disadvantage the next time you head into a game.

Perk Cooldown Times MWZ

Additionally, on top of this, if your game crashes, you will still have to wait for your Schematics to reach cooldown, despite it not being your fault

Even if your game crashes, you will lose all your items, including a backpack and armor vest. To make matters worse, if you entered a match with Schematic items and crashed, you will have nothing heading into the next game.

Furthermore, you will also have to wait at least an hour to bring your favored loadout back into a match. This is another reason MWZ fans hate the cooldown mechanic.

Empty Inventory MWZ

Finally, they feel the Wonder Weapon cooldowns are way too long.

The cooldown times for Wonder Weapons in MWZ are 48 hours. This means that you will not get to use them that often.

Weapons like the Ray Gun and Wunderwaffe DG-2 are not that powerful in the Tier 3 zone and above, so keeping them locked behind a two-day window makes little sense.

Ray Gun Cooldown Times

Possible Changes

Of course, there are things the developers could do to address these criticisms. Based on this feedback, they could:

  • Reduce the cooldown times
  • Anytime you get a Schematic you already have, exfilling with it will bring the timer down
  • Get rid of the Weapon cooldown times
  • Introduce some kind of crash protection so you do not lose your items

We will have to wait and find out whether these concerns will be addressed in a future update. The Schematic cooldowns are a large part of the mode, so a complete removal is unlikely.

However, the developers could meet their player base halfway and bring in some changes.

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