Since the launch of Modern Warfare 3, MWZ fans have been frustrated with the high frequency of server crashes that plague the popular multiplayer mode. More often than not, it causes players to lose all their hard-earned loot when they disconnect.

There’s hardly anything more frustrating for Zombies players than to spend a decent chunk of their time acquiring loot and upgrading gear, only to lose it all because of inconsistent servers.

It’s safe to say that fans have had enough and want Sledgehammer Games to do something about it!

MWZ Zombies standing around

Server Crashes Are “Ridiculous”

Unlike previous iterations of COD Zombies, when a player experiences a server crash they are likely to lose all their progress, including all the loot they acquired.

As a large part of MWZ’s gameplay loop has you searching for better gear and rare schematics, it’s easy to see why players are angry when they lose it all in the blink of an eye.

This Reddit user calls the server issues “ridiculous” and pleads with the Zombies co-developer, Treyarch, to fix them:

According to CaptainFalconsMoves on Reddit, they lost “a tier 3 armor vest and large backpack” in Zombies. It was presumably full of loot that took quite a bit of time and energy to acquire. Understandably, they are “fed up” with the mode’s unstable servers.

MWZ Strike Team selection screen in MW3 Zombies

They also mention how there’s a chance you can keep your loot after the server crashes. However, this seems to only happen at random:

“Sometimes when the server crashes you keep your stuff but for some reason its completely random on whether you keep your stuff or not. My friends and I have been doing this for hours now and every time some people in the group will lose their stuff and others keep their stuff. It’s completely random.”

MWZ’s unreliable servers seem to be an issue that lots of people are experiencing. Players repeatedly load into games and then get booted straight off:

This user puts all of the blame on the game’s terrible servers and heavily criticizes the developers:

byu/ATL4S_EX0T1C from discussion

Cheat the System

The server problems are causing so much grief, that many players have resorted to taking advantage of a Tombstone glitch in MW3 which allows you to duplicate your items and get infinite essence.

After being cheated by the terrible servers, many see using this exploit as fair game:

byu/CaptainFalconsMoves from discussion
Tombstone Stash Grave in MW3 Zombies

However, some are even having trouble with the Tombstone perk itself. In addition to the poor servers, this user reports horrible game-breaking bugs that completely ruined the Zombies experience:

Even with the Tombstone perk equipped, they couldn’t retrieve their lost items once they spawned back in. Ouch.

What Do You Lose When You Disconnect?

When disconnecting from a server in MW3 Zombies, the game removes all of your acquired loot and gear. It also puts your Insured Weapon Slots into cooldown.

When leaving or disconnecting from a match midway, you’ll lose everything you’ve acquired in your inventory:

Additionally, all activated cooldowns are reset, including your Insured Weapon Slots. This can be incredibly frustrating when trying to complete Zombies content, as you are unfairly penalized for something that wasn’t your fault.

MWZ Primary Weapon Select screen in MW3 Zombies

It’s understandably leading many to demand some form of compensation for their effort. For others, it’s killing their desire to play the game:

byu/MayaCoxack from discussion

It’s clear to see that Sledgehammer Games and Treyarch have a long way to go if they want to iron out MWZ’s server issues.

Hopefully, they can implement some much-needed fixes sooner rather than later.

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