Playing in MWZ has proved to be one of the quickest ways to level up your weapons consistently, but now players believe the developers have secretly nerfed how much Weapon XP you receive.

Since launch, there have been countless methods to getting fast and easy XP in MW3. All of which have been through the game’s Zombies mode.

According to players, killing the undead is less effective than it once was in boosting your weapon’s level.

Fans Explain Possible Secret Nerf to Weapon XP

MWZ players who have been grinding Weapon XP are saying there has been a nerf to the levels you can go up. Gamers are reporting that they feel they are getting less XP per match, compared to before the last update.

Reddit user Dry_Mulberry_9380 stated that they were previously going up eight weapon levels per game, but now it has been reduced to four.

The author of this subreddit post was not the only player experiencing a drop-off in Weapon XP, as another player said they felt the same. Many others agreed.

byu/Dry_Mulberry_9380 from discussion

Although not all players were upset at a potential nerf. In a separate Reddit thread, one user is happy at a possible nerf as games have crashed due to people farming zombies for XP.

This is a possible reason as to why the developers could have reduced XP gains

byu/Toxicdeath88 from discussion

So, it does appear that Zombies fans are experiencing a change to how much XP they receive and how quickly they can boost their weapons level. But has there actually been an update?

Is There a Nerf to Weapon XP?

In the latest patch notes, there has been no mention of any nerf to Weapon XP. So, if there has been a change, the developers have done it secretly.

Aside from this, the developer has not addressed fans’ comments regarding this matter.

From our testing, we would have to agree with the community. We went into a MWZ game with no Double Weapon XP active using the DG-58 LSW, which was Level 13.

Previously, we could boost weapons to the maximum level after just three or four games. However, after continuously completing contracts and killing tons of zombies, we could only get the gun up to Level 16, but close to 17, throughout the 45 minutes of a MWZ match.

This was quite a significant drop in how many levels we could get weapons leveled up in comparison to before the update.

DG-58 LSW up to Level 16 from MWZ Weapon XP farm

We want to note that we did not optimize Weapon XP gains using the new XP farming method, but it does seem harder to level up guns in MWZ.

So the community may be onto something when they say there has been a secret Weapon XP nerf.

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