MWZ players think that the difficulty in the Zombies extraction mode has secretly increased in the latest January 11 patch, but has it actually been changed?

MW3 Zombies has been a successful addition to this year’s Call of Duty. However, now, experienced Zombies veterans are reportedly finding the mode to be more challenging since the latest update.

So, let’s dive into why gamers believe the mode is harder and if there has been an update to the difficulty.

Players Think Difficulty Has Gone Up in MWZ

Multiple posts on the Cod Zombies Reddit have been popping up, highlighting players believing the difficulty in MWZ has increased.

In this Reddit post, user KWyKJJ first noticed a possible change when the Stormcaller boss was able to one-hit down them despite having three armor plates and the Juggernog perk equipped.

This left them incredibly confused, and it was a scenario they had never encountered before despite being a regular player.

byu/KWyKJJ from discussion

Other Reddit users were in agreeance, with many also stating they felt there was a change.

Then, in a separate post, user BrainsWorkWell said that their squad also noticed it was not the same as before. They state that it “felt that the number of zombies that spawned both during contracts but also, in general, has increased quite significantly.”

Meanwhile, this user says they feel like there has been an increase in zombie spawns and aggressiveness, backing up the main point of the Reddit post.

byu/BrainsWorkWell from discussion

So it does seem like fans are noticing a difference, but the question remains on whether the developers made an update.

Has the Difficulty in MWZ Been Increased?

It appears there has been no change to MWZ’s difficulty, according to the latest Modern Warfare 3 patch notes. The only mention of Zombies in the update was for a fix to an Aether Blade bug.

Typically, if a change like this were made, you would likely find it in the patch notes. However, a mention of this particular update is nowhere to be seen.

MWZ Scorcher vs Mega Abomination

An update to a mode’s difficulty is quite a severe change. This would lead us towards the side that it has remained the same.

Players experiencing harder matches could come down to a variety of things. One of them is due to it being an open-world mode, no two MWZ games will ever be the same. Each game you spawn into will always play different.

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