MWZ is strictly Player vs. Environment, but one Zombies fan found themselves in a lobby where PVP was enabled.

Modern Warfare 3’s Zombies mode deviates significantly from the classic round-based concept the community became accustomed to.

It features an open world where 24 friendly players can take on the undead and complete missions. You are unable to kill any of the other gamers who spawn in.

However, if this bugged lobby starts to happen more, it won’t just be zombies you need to kill. Let’s dive into this bizarre situation.

Player Spawns in PVP MWZ Lobby

A MWZ player discovered they were in a bugged MWZ lobby when they realized PVP was enabled for them, despite the mode being PVE only.

In the clip below, Reddit user WilsonatorYT learns they can damage a real player driving a car. After shooting at him, they end up downing the Operator.

Luckily, the option to revive was there, and WilsonatorYT got them back on their feet as they “didn’t want to ruin his game.”

However, not everyone will be so kind. Previously, gamers had found creative ways to “bring PVP” to MWZ to let other people die.

It is unclear how this occurred in the lobby, but one player in the community believes it is due to MWZ having PVP in earlier builds. However, this is only speculative and is unconfirmed.

byu/WilsonatorYT from discussion

Additionally, it could be code from DMZ accidentally resurfacing. The two modes are similar, so there could have been some overlap.

Hopefully, this bug does not happen too often, but if it does, we are sure the community will call for a fix as soon as possible.

After all, if you’re grinding for those rare Schematics, you won’t want to fear being put into a PVP MWZ lobby and running the chance of another player killing you.

In the meantime, we can all have an agreement not to kill each other if this happens to us, right?

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