An MWZ player has discovered the existence of PVP (Player vs Player) in the game mode the hard way.

Modern Warfare Zombies is a fresh take on Call of Duty’s extraction mode DMZ, but many changes exist. For one, players have to fend off against an undead army.

Additionally, in DMZ, Operators could kill other players to take their loot, but MWZ is strictly PVE (Player vs Enviroment). At least, that was what we thought.

Player Killed By Another Operator in MWZ

An Operator eliminated an MWZ player by spamming the revive button, preventing them from self-reviving after going down.

Consequently, the player eventually bled out, losing all of their loot and having to plea for help from other gamers.

Despite having a self-revive, the constant resetting of the revive animation means this gamer could never get back on their feet. Essentially, it is a PVP moment in MWZ.

You can view this interaction in the Reddit video below, posted by Zaibach_Dragonslayer:

As the clip shows, Zaibach_Dragonslayer has a three-plate vest, which can be challenging to obtain. Luckily, he did not have much in the way of loot.

However, if this were another gamer who had just gotten a Ray Gun schematic for the first time, they would understandably be agitated. The community was quick to react to this moment.

MWZ players shooting at zombies

Fans React to Unexpected PVP in MWZ

This scenario caused a lot of MWZ fans to be annoyed, even asking the Reddit user to reveal this player’s Activision ID so they could report him.

Others are hoping those who do this will receive a ban.

When envisioning MWZ, this is not what the developers had planned, proven by the fact that PVP has been turned off. It is undoubtedly one of the most toxic things in MWZ.

We certainly hope this does not become a regular occurrence in the mode. In our experience, we have seen nothing but generosity from other players.

There have been cases where gamers would drop us schematics while on the Exfil helicopter. It isn’t just us running into players like this.

Hopefully, this “PVP” moment is the only time this happens, and Zombies players continue to show camaraderie with their fellow players.

After all, you won’t gain much from letting others die, as the loot does not spill out onto the floor like it did in DMZ.

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