PhD Flopper is an iconic Call of Duty Zombies perk that protects you from splash damage and lets you create an explosion when you dolphin dive, but in MWZ, it has a new secret ability.

Previously, gamers had discovered that PhD Flopper would protect you from the gas that rolls in after the 45-minute timer and the area that contains the Stormcaller boss. However, this was just a bug and no longer works.

Now, another feature of this perk has been found, but whether it is an intentional benefit is not known. So, let’s dive into this hidden ability and how it can help you in the game!

PhD Flopper Has Hidden Ability In MWZ

PhD Flopper in MWZ will let you stay underwater for an infinite amount of time. With this perk active, even when the oxygen levels deplete to zero, you will not lose health.

However, you will still have the visual effects of drowning underwater, which include obscured vision and a red flash appearing on your screen.

This feature can be beneficial in the Tier 3 zone if you can get a Mega Abomination to launch towards you into the water. Here, this MWZ boss will become stationary and easier to kill.

You can view an example of this MWZ PhD Flopper feature in the video below, noting that we did not take damage when testing it:

It is unknown whether this is an intended feature or a bug similar to the gas protection it previously gave.

It is worth noting that being able to breathe infinitely underwater while this perk is active is not part of its description in the menus.

PhD Flopper MWZ Description

However, content creator Glitching Queen did point out that the Easter Egg to get a free PhD Flopper involves water. This could be a nod towards the secret ability.

We must wait and see if the developers patch this infinite breathing underwater feature. If it does not, it can be safe to assume this is an actual ability of the perk.

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