Many COD players are expressing their frustration with how ridiculously overpowered the Mercenary AI is in MWZ.

On the whole, MW3 Zombies has been fairly well received by the player base. However, the difficult human AI seems to dampen the experience for many.

Mercenaries Are Too OP in MWZ

Lots of MW3 Zombies fans have expressed their concerns about how overpowered and difficult the Mercenary enemies are in MWZ.

Modern Warfare 3 players have reported that the mode feels far too imbalanced due to the huge spike in difficulty whenever encountering Mercenary AI enemies, as opposed to the regular undead in a MWZ match:

One of the main issues with Mercenary AI in MWZ is the huge amount of damage they can inflict on the player. They can take you out with just a few shots and can easily take out three Armor Plates like it’s nothing.

They can also spot and fire at you from huge distances with aimbot-like precision:

byu/ojman654 from discussion

They’re so difficult, that players are dying from them as early as Tier 1. Because of this, many aren’t enjoying playing Zombies solo in Modern Warfare 3:

byu/DALESR4EVER124 from discussion

There are plenty of players that seem to only die from these Mercenary enemies in MWZ, which clearly highlights their unbalanced AI.

MWZ key art of payers driving a car and shooting at zombies

Some COD fans would like to nerf their damage and accuracy going forward. They consider the current Mercenary AI to have an unfair advantage.

The issue isn’t necessarily that they’re difficult – it’s just the way that difficulty is expressed. This Reddit user believes that enemy AI should have decent positioning and awareness rather than just a flat increase in damage and accuracy:

byu/Neeewby from discussion

In this way, the difficulty increases for Mercenaries would feel less artificial, rewarding skilled players for thoughtful play.

Here’s hoping Sledgehammer Games can take some of this feedback on board to improve the MW3 Zombies mode. If you’re still having trouble, check out how to do the infinite money glitch in MWZ as a way of getting a leg up!

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