Wonder Weapons are amongst the most powerful guns in MWZ, but this glitch, which gives them the Legendary rarity, can make them even stronger.

Usually, these weapons are locked to their Ultra Rare status, and the rarity Aether Tools cannot be equipped on them.

However, using this glitch, you can give them a massive boost and increase their damage by quite a lot.

How to Make Wonder Weapons Stronger

To do this Legendary Rarity glitch on Wonder Weapons, you must:

  1. Have a Wonder Weapon, a Legendary Aether Tool, and a Juggernaut killstreak
    • Legendary Aether Tools can be found by completing Tier 3 contracts or crafting one if you have the Schematic.
    • Juggernaut killstreak can be bought at the Tier 3 shop for 10,000 Essence.
Items needed for Legendary Rarity Wonder Weapons Glitch
Credit: Glitching Queen
  1. Thrown down the Juggernaut, but do not use it yet
  2. Make sure the Wonder Weapon is in your Secondary weapon slot and there is another gun in the Primary
  3. Now, drop both of the weapons on the floor and pick up the Juggernaut
  4. Let the Juggernaut run out, and you will exit it with your Wonder Weapon in your hand
    • This will have a grey rarity, but its stats will remain the same. This means it is just a visual bug.
Wonder Weapons Rarity is gone
Credit: Glitching Queen
  1. Your original Wonder Weapon will still be on the floor, letting another player pick it up
  2. With the rarity stripped, you can now add the Legendary Aether Tool, which essentially gives it a 2x Legendary boost
  3. Make sure to head to the Pack-a-Punch machine to upgrade it three times to get the most out of this weapon

It is worth noting that if you attempt to bring this glitched Wonder Weapon into another area, such as the Dark Aether or a story mission, it will not come with you, and you will lose it.

If you want it for the Dark Aether or a story mission, follow the instructions above in those areas.

Content creator B Man found this glitch, but the steps to do this glitch can be found on Glitch Queen’s channel. You can view the video below:

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