There’s a new glitch that will let you get a Monkey Bomb that lasts forever in MW3 Zombies – here’s how to pull it off!

Monkey Bombs (AKA Cymbal Monkeys) are among the best items in Call of Duty’s Zombies modes. These powerful pieces of equipment make enough racket to distract the undead hordes for a significant amount of time, before exploding and racking up the kills.

As such, the powerful tools require a whopping 5000 Essence to purchase from Buy Stations, and they’re exceedingly rare to encounter as MWZ loot. So you’ll be glad to hear that there’s a way to make one last forever.

How to Use Infinite Cymbal Monkey Glitch

The latest version of the infinite Monkey Bomb glitch in MW3 Zombies is still working after the recent patch that disabled another version of the exploit.

The current Cymbal Monkey glitch works like this:

  1. First, you’ll need to get your hands on a Cymbal Monkey and a Sentry Gun
    • Both items can be purchased at a Buy Station in the Tier 2 or 3 Zone for 5000 and 2000 Essence, respectively. They can also be found as loot, or in Reward Rifts for finishing Contracts.
  2. Then, place down your Sentry Gun next to an object that can be climbed on top of (i.e. a fence, car or crate)
Placing down a sentry gun in MW3 Zombies
  1. Climb on top of the Sentry Gun
  2. Throw the Monkey Bomb directly down, onto the Sentry Gun
Throwing a Cymbal Monkey on top of a Sentry Gun in MWZ
  1. Wait 7 seconds and then interact with your Sentry Gun to pick it up
  2. This will cause the Cymbal Monkey to fall to the ground and never detonate – allowing it to endlessly attract all zombies in the area!
Infinite Cymbal Monkey Bomb on the Ground in MW3 Zombies

Another way to perform this glitch is to destroy the Sentry Gun as soon as you place the Monkey Bomb.

Nevertheless, if you nail the timing, the method above is preferable, as it allows you to place down the Sentry Gun again somewhere else. You can even aim it at the Cymbal Monkey and watch it mow down the zombies as they take the bait!

However, you can’t put the Sentry Gun back in your Killstreak slot once it’s been placed down.

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