Getting that Pack-A-Punch upgrade in MWZ could be the difference between dying or surviving, and here is how to do it.

Long-time Zombies fans will have no issue knowing what his powerful machine can do for your weapons. However, if you do not know, Pack-A-Punch will upgrade your gun, making it stronger in killing the undead and those Mercenaries planted around the map.

So, let’s dive into how you can Pack-A-Punch to start giving those Zombies, Hellhounds, and Soldiers hell!

How to Pack-A-Punch

To Pack-A-Punch in MWZ, you first need to have enough Essence and then locate and travel to a Pack-A-Punch machine on the map.

These machines have multiple locations throughout Urzikistan and will spawn in different areas each match. Additionally, a free Pack-A-Punch upgrade can be a reward for completing contracts.

  1. Locate a Pack-A-Punch machine on your map by searching for the icon shown in the image below.
  2. Earn 5000 Essence; this is the cost of Pack-A-Punching a weapon.
    • This can be done by killing Zombies and completing contracts.
  3. Once you have enough Essence, make your way to the location.
MWZ Pack a Punch Icon
  1. Next, go up to the Pack-A-Punch machine and press the interact button while you have the weapon you wish to upgrade equipped.
    • PlayStation: Square
    • Xbox: X
    • PC: E
MWZ Pack a Punch Machine
  1. The weapon will now have increased damage, ammo capacity, and a new camo surrounding it.

However, once you have upgraded the first time, you can get further boosts to make it even better!

How to Double & Triple Pack-A-Punch

To double and triple Pack-A-Punch a weapon in MWZ, you will need to follow the same steps as the first upgrade, but you will need to go to different Pack-A-Punch machines in specific areas.

  • Second upgrade
    • Use a machine located in the Medium or High Threat level zones (marked orange or red on the Tac-Map).
    • Requires 10,000 Essence.
  • Third upgrade
    • Use a machine in the High Threat level zones (marked red on the Tac-Map).
    • Requires 15,000 Essence.

If you attempt to Pack-A-Punch a weapon a second time outside the orange and red zones, the machine will tell you the “Max LVL Pack-A-Punch Reached in Zone” and prevent you from upgrading.

MWZ Threat Level Zones

These upgrades will be more expensive, but to take down the higher level Zombies, you will need the boosts they provide.

Unfortunately, when you exfil, you will not get to keep your PaP’d weapon for your next games. The gun will revert to its original form for your next deployment.

MWZ Pack a Punch Second Upgrade
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