MWZ’s worm boss packs a ton of health,, but with this trick, you can kill this Aether monster in under a minute. Here is how to do it!

This boss fight becomes available after completing all of Act I, II, and III missions in the game. It is the final story mission currently in the zombie extraction mode.

You might think the trick is to have a fully Pack-a-Punched weapon, but killing Orcus, the worm boss, is much simpler than you might suspect.

How to Kill MWZ Worm Boss Quickly

The trick to killing the worm boss in MWZ quickly is to equip the “Experimental Gas” grenade and constantly throw it directly at Orcus. You will have to run between each Ammo Cache in the boss fight location to restock your supply constantly.

Whether this is an intentional feature or not, this tactical equipment shreds the health of the worm extremely quickly.

It is by far the most effective method of taking it down. If you enter the boss fight solo, you will undoubtedly want to take advantage of this trick.

Experimental Gas in MWZ

How to Get Experimental Gas Grenades

To get the Experimental Gas grenades, you can naturally find them in the MWZ map as loot or equip them as your Tactical under the “Gear” tab before loading into the game.

However, you will first need to unlock them through the Armory System to be able to select them.

  1. Head to “Gear” and select “Tactical”
  2. Hover over “Experimental Gas” and press the following button to activate it as your Armory Unlock:
    • PlayStation: X
    • Xbox: A
    • PC: Left Mouse Click
  3. Now, you must complete the required challenges to obtain it. You will only have to complete one of the following:
    • Complete 5 Daily Challenges.
    • Win 5 Multiplayer matches
    • Complete Contracts 5 in MWZ

From our experience the quickest way to unlock items via the Armory System is by completing Contracts in MWZ. When using a Tier 1 Pack-a-Punched weapon, you can constantly finish Bounty Contracts fast in the Low-Level Threat Zone.

Unlock Experimental Gas

Once you have them unlocked, you can now equip them! You can view just how powerful they are in the video below by content creatory Glitching Queen:

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