The V-R11 has returned to Call of Duty Zombies as MWZ gamers can get their hands on this old-school Wonder Weapon.

For those who do not know, this gun appeared in the Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies map “Call of the Dead.” It can turn humans into zombies and zombies into humans!

So, let’s dive into how you can get your hands on this Wonder Weapon and create some allies to protect you against the hordes of the undead.

How to Get

MWZ players can get the V-R11 Wonder Weapon by:

  • Getting it from the Mystery Box
  • Obtaining it as a reward for completing a contract in Tier 2 and above
  • Defeating the Red Worm

These are the only ways to get the V-R11 in MWZ, as no schematic is available. One could arrive later, similar to how the Scorcher received one in the Season 1 update.

V-R11 Wonder Weapon MWZ

Mystery Box

The Mystery Box contains every gun in MWZ and can be spun for 950 Essence each time you want to use it. This means there is a chance to get the V-R11; however your chances are slim.

Due to the number of weapons obtainable from the box, your odds of getting this powerful wonder weapon are lower. For example, we spun the box 20 times and did not get our hands on it.

To find the Mystery Box, open up your Tac-Map and look for the “?” symbol as shown below.

Mystery Box Icon in MWZ


The V-R11 is available as a weapon case as part of contract rewards in MWZ. Once again, it is a scarce drop. From completing close to 30 contracts in Tier 2 and 3, we have yet to get our hands on it.

We suggest trying to do Tier 3 contracts as the reward drops here have a higher chance of being the ultra-rare items. Tier 3 is marked by a red outline, as shown below.

Tier 3 Zone in MW3

Red Worm

As part of the Act 4 Story Mission “Bad Signal” you will have to defeat the Red Worm Boss. Upon taking it down, you will receive a V-R11 acquisition.

This is the only method to guarantee this wonder weapon.

V-R11 Abilities

The V-R11 has the following abilities in MWZ:

  • Turns zombies into human soldiers
  • Turns humans into friendly zombies
  • Takes down the elite bosses quickly
    • For example, the Stormcaller boss can be killed with four bullets
  • Gives a friendly Operator “Zombie Blood”
    • This makes them invisible for a short time to enemies
  • Provides you with tons of movement speed
    • While holding this weapon, you will be faster than if you had your fists out!
  • Repairs vehicles fully (Only when Pack-A-Punched)

All these benefits make it an extremely useful weapon in MWZ, especially the buff to movement speed.

Human turned into a zombie using V-R11 in MWZ
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