The Ray Gun is one of the most iconic wonder weapons in Call of Duty Zombies history, and here is how to get one in MWZ.

Getting your hands on the Ray Gun in MW3 Zombies will mean you can unleash devastation onto the hordes of the undead. It will make completing those missions much more manageable, and trust us; you will want to have one on hand.

However, obtaining it can be tricky as it is quite a rare weapon. Join us as we delve into all the ways to acquire the Ray Gun.

How to Get the Ray Gun

Here are all the ways to get a Ray gun in MWZ, ordered from easiest to most difficult:

These are all the ways we have found to obtain the Ray Gun in MW3 Zombies. Note that all but the final method will depend on luck and RNG within the game.

MWZ Ray Gun

Mystery Box

If you’re itching to get your hands on the Ray Gun, the most straightforward method involves taking a chance with the Mystery Box.

But beware, each spin comes with a price tag of 950 Essence, and it might drain both your resources and patience if luck isn’t on your side. The odds of getting a Ray Gun are unlikely from the Mystery Box, so you may have to roll it quite a bit.

You can locate Mystery Boxes by looking into the sky and searching for a glowing blue beam or by opening your map to find the icon in the image below.

Mystery Box Icon in MWZ

Aether Nests, Strongholds & Aether Loot Crates

A Ray Gun Weapon Case can be found as a reward for clearing out Aether Nests or Strongholds.

However, it is an extremely rare drop. For reference, we have 5 hours played and have yet to come across one.

Randomly dispersed Aether Loot Crates that spawn around the map will also contain Weapon Cases for the Ray Gun.

Aether Nest Icon

Crafting One

Finding a Ray Gun schematic is an ultra-rare chance, but it is a guaranteed way to wield this weapon if you manage to get your hands on one.

Schematics are found by completing contracts and clearing out Aether Nests. We recommend doing this in the higher threat zones as there is a better chance of finding one.

Additionally, if you are in a squad, ensure you get to the loot as soon as possible in nests and Strongholds. You have to share the rewards, so it is first come, first serve!

When you have the schematic, exfil as soon as you can; if you die with it, you will have to go on another long adventure to secure one again.

After successfully exfilling, you can now craft a Ray Gun Weapon Case. Although, there is a long 48-hour cooldown each time you craft.

MWZ Ray Gun Schematic Crafting

Act III, Tier 4 Mission “Holdout

By completing the Act III Tier 4 mission “Holdout,” players will earn a Ray Gun Weapon Case. However, it is worth noting that this is only a one-time-use item.

Once you open the weapon case in a match, it will be gone from your inventory forever until you find another case in-game.

We recommend holding onto the Ray Gun for the Act III story mission. Deploying the Ray Gun against the Aether Worm Boss will be a big help in defeating this creature.

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