If you’re Trophy hunting, or you just want a friendly dog companion, here’s how to get a friendly Hellhound pet in MW3 Zombies!

Call of Duty MW3 is here and it brings with it the first-ever Zombies mode in a Modern Warfare title.

As usual, there are plenty of Easter eggs to discover in the open-world Zombies experience, and this one lets you get a canine companion!

How to Get a Friendly Hellhound Pet

To get your very own friendly Hellhound, you’ll need to drop into MWZ, find a Doghouse, and give it a Chunk of Flesh.

These flaming huts spawn randomly around the map, and you’ll need to start with one that you find in a Tier 1 area.

Where to Find a Doghouse in MW3 Zombies

Simply look for this Doghouse icon on the map and you should be able to find one pretty easily.

But in order to tame the Hellhound within, you’ll need a Chunk of Flesh. This item drops from zombies that die from explosive damage, but it has a low spawn rate.

Giving a Chunk of Flesh to the Doghouse in MWZ

Giving a Chunk of Flesh to the Doghouse will cause it to erupt into a friendly Hellhound, with a cute, randomized name. In our case, it was Fuzzles.

Once you’ve got your tame Hellhound, simply walk up to it and hold interact (Square/X/F) to pet it!

This will trigger the You Can Pet That Dog Achievement or Trophy to pop.

You Can Pet The Dog Trophy in MW3 Zombies

How to Get a Chunk of Flesh

To get a Chunk of Flesh, you need to kill zombies with explosive damage, such as with the RPG, Grenade Launcher, or War Machine.

We’ve also found that Chunks of Flesh will drop when using Shotguns or high-velocity weapons such as Marksman Rifles.

Killing Zombies with these weapons will give them a low chance of dropping the Chunk of Flesh item, so try and target as many zombies as possible with your explosions.

Chunk of Flesh in MW3 Zombies

Taking a Chunk of Flesh to a Doghouse in a Tier 1 area and depositing it in the POI will spawn a friendly Hellhound.

This lovely undead dog can deal major damage to enemies, restore its own health, and even revive you with a howl!

This makes it an excellent companion to have by your side, particularly if you’re playing solo. You’ll even get 10 XP for each kill your Hellhound manages to rack up.

You Can Pet The Dog in MWZ

But that’s not all! After you’ve got yourself one canine party member, you can head into the Tier 2 Zone and find a Doghouse there, giving it two Chunks of Flesh to get a Tier 2 Hellhound in addition to your first dog!

And of course, you can interact with each dog to pet them!

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