A new God Mode glitch in MW3 Zombies will make you almost entirely invincible when exploring Urzikstan.

MWZ is a surprisingly challenging game mode, particularly if you enjoy spending time in the Tier 3 or Dark Aether areas. But with God Mode, you’ll be able to survive even the largest of zombie hordes with no issues!

How to Activate God Mode Glitch

To activate God Mode in MW3 Zombies, you need to find or purchase a Juggernaut Killstreak.

These can be acquired as a very rare Reward Portal drop, primarily for completing Tier 3 Contracts, or they can be purchased at a Tier 3 Zone Buy Station for 10,000 essence.

Buy Station Juggernaut in MWZ

Then, to use the God Mode glitch:

  • Throw the Juggernaut Marker and wait for the Care Package to drop
  • Stand beside the Care Package, close enough that you can still see the ‘Hold to Equip’ prompt
How to Activate God Mode Glitch with Juggernaut
  • Hold Square/X/F to equip Juggernaut Gear, and simultaneously tactical sprint forward
  • If timed correctly, you’ll now be wearing the Juggernaut suit but you’ll also be glitched into the ground
MW3 Godmode Juggernaut Stuck in Ground
Credit: z CerealGlitchers
  • Wait until the Juggernaut runs out
  • Then, sprint forward and hold Circle/B/CTRL to Dolphin Dive
    • This will allow you to stand back up and no longer be stuck in the ground
  • You’ll now be able to turn God Mode on and off at will by Dolphin Diving

This trick was discovered by z CerealGlitchers on YouTube; check out their full video guide to activating MW3 Zombies God Mode below:

How to Turn God Mode On/Off

To turn God Mode on or off once you’ve finished the steps above, all you need is to go prone. This can be done by holding the Circle/B/CTRL button, or you can simply Dolphin Dive to the ground once again.

When in God Mode you’ll move as slowly as if you were prone, although your character will appear to be standing up. You’ll also be almost entirely invincible, with a few caveats, which we’ll get into below.

God mode against Worm Boss in MW3 Zombies
Using God Mode to solo the Worm Boss in MWZ
Credit: Glitching Queen

To return to your usual, vulnerable self, you can go prone once again – or Dolphin Dive – and you’ll be able to move freely.

What Can Still Hurt You

Unlike most God Mode glitches, this MW3 Zombies trick doesn’t actually make you entirely invincible. Although most undead won’t be able to harm you, there are still a few things that can damage a player who is using this glitch:

  • Mega Abomination laser beams
  • Stormcaller draining attack
  • AI mercenary bullets
  • Gas
  • Electric Zombies

Be sure not to rely too heavily on God Mode, or you could end up meeting an unexpected end!

What’s more, some players report that if you use your parachute, the ability to use God Mode is removed entirely, forcing you to use another Juggernaut Killstreak to regain your invincibility.

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