A new glitch to duplicate any Rare Item in MWZ (MW3 Zombies) has been discovered, allowing players to get unlimited crystals or Ray Guns!

Using this glitch, you can save tons of time grinding as you try to stock up on your acquisitions, as this glitch is pretty simple. The best part is you can do it solo!

So, let’s dive into how you can duplicate your items in MWZ and continuously mow down zombies with the Ray Gun.

How to Do MW3 Zombies Duplication Glitch

To duplicate items in MWZ, use the Tombstone Perk and die with the items. After that, collect them from the Tombstone, Exfil successfully, force close the game on the “Successful Exfil” screen.

Finally, remove items from your Rucksack, re-enter the game, and collect from the Tombstone again.

  1. Equip items you want to duplicate in your Rucksack.
    • If you have a Tombstone as a Perk Soda, equip this as well to make Step 2 quicker.
MWZ Items you want to Duplicate in  Glitch
  1. Get the Tombstone Perk in-game. This can be done by:
    • Bringing a Tombstone Soda Can into a match and drinking it.
    • Completing the Free Tombstone Perk Easter Egg.
    • Purchasing Tombstone from the Perk Machine. The Perk Machine can be found on the map by locating the icon in the image below.
      • Please note that the location will change with each match.
MWZ Tombstone Soda Icon
  1. Next, make sure you do not have self-revive active. If you have one, you will have to go down twice.
  2. Let the zombies down you and press give up to speed up the process back to the lobby.
    • We recommend doing this in the Tier 1 Zone to make collecting your items more accessible.
MWZ Going down to Zombies
  1. When back into the lobby, search for another match with nothing equipped in your Rucksack.
  2. Once back in the game, on the map, look for the Tombstone Stash icon and head to the location to collect your items.
    • This will always be in the location you originally went down.
Tombstone Stash location for MWZ Duplicate Glitch
  1. Make sure you take all items from the stash, and the tombstone on the ground disappears.
MWZ Duplicate Glitch Tombstone breaking
  1. Now, head to an Exfil location, shown by the icon displaying a blue person exiting through a door.
Exfil icon for MWZ Duplicate Glitch
  1. Call the helicopter and Exfil.
  2. As soon as the “Succesful Exfil” message shows, immediately close the game. This can be done by:
    • PlayStation: Bringing up the PS Menu, pressing Options on MW3, and selecting “Close Game.”
    • Xbox: Bringing up the Xbox menu, press the Menu button on MW3 and select “Quit.”
    • PC: Pressing Alt+F4
MWZ Successful Exfil
  1. Head back into MW3 and go to your Rucksack. The items you wish to duplicate should be there.
  2. Now, unequip them and head back into a match.
  3. The Tombstone containing the desired duplicate items will be available to collect still.
  4. Keep repeating Steps 5-13 to duplicate the chosen items infinitely.
    • Of course, you can only store up to 20 items in your Acquisitions.
Acquistion Stash

That is how you can get an infinite amount of any item you want in MWZ. We suggest using this MWZ duplicate glitch on the harder stuff to acquire, such as Ray Gun Weapon Cases or the Level 3 Pack-a-Punch Crystals.

The easiest method to get a Flawless Aetherium Crystal is completing the Easter Egg that strips your gun down to all its parts.

By doing this, you will receive the Level 3 Pack-a-Punch Crystal, which you can continuously duplicate! Once you have one, you can get as many as you want using this method!

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