Exfil streaks are reportedly coming to MWZ and now all the rewards for successfully extracting from MW3 Zombies are leaking early!

In MW2’s DMZ mode, players receive rewards for successfully calling in an Exfil and escaping via helicopter with their loot.

Now, it appears that Call of Duty MW3 Zombies is aiming to replicate that mechanic, with up to 10 unique rewards for those on a hot streak.

All Exfil Rewards

According to a new leak by X account MWIIIINTEL, these are the rewards players will receive for attaining a streak of successful Exfils in MWZ:

  1. Start with 500 Essence
  2. Start with 5 Armor Plates
  3. Start with 1000 Essence
  4. Get 30% Discount at Perk Machines (Perks now cost 1400 Essence)
  5. Start with 1500 Essence
  6. Increase Contract Payout (unclear how much)
  7. Start with 2500 Essence
  8. Get 50% Discount at Mystery Box (Now costs 475 Essence)
  9. Start with 5000 Essence (enough for Tier 1 Pack-a-Punch)
  10. Get 20% Discount at Pack-a-Punch (Tier 1: 4000, Tier 2: 8000, Tier 3: 12000)

It is currently unclear as to how these rewards stack, but while we assume the benefits will all continue to apply at higher Exfil tiers, we don’t think the Essence rewards will stack.

MWZ Exfil

For now, it’s important to take this leak with a pinch of salt. We’ll update this article if Activision officially announces that Exfil streaks will be coming to MWZ.

How to Get Exfil Streaks

To build your Exfil streaks in MW3 Zombies, you’ll need to head to an Exfil site and interact with the green smoke to call in an extract chopper.

Once the helicopter arrives, you’ll need to board it and survive until it takes off to successfully extract.

However, if the Exfil streak system is anything like it was in DMZ (and it likely will be), you’ll need to complete at least one Contract before Exfil for it to count towards your streak.

Calling Exfil in MW3 Zombies

If you die in MWZ at any point, or you quit the match and are unable to Exfil, you’ll lose your streak and have to start over again.

Don’t forget that if you do get eliminated, you can ask other players to revive you in the game chat, and be in with a chance of being rescued.

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