The MWZ Efxil sites were one of the best ways to farm XP, as tons of zombies would spawn. However, the developers had to nerf the number of undead that would appear in these areas, as it was causing servers to lag.

The sheer number of undead army that you could kill made it a rapid way to level up your weapons.

It now appears that a location was not included in nerf. But to get there, you will need to travel out of Urzikistan.

How to Do New XP Farm in MWZ

To use this MWZ Exfil XP farm, you will need to activate the Act 1 Story MissionExtraction. ” In-game, head to the Exfil site marked by the star.

Grab the Turret Circuit, located as soon as you jump off the helicopter. Then, head to the helipad on the opposite side of the map using the ziplines.

Use a glitch to get a permanent Monkey Bomb. Now, run through the mission to rescue Dr Jansen, collecting more Turret Circuits along the way.

When the Exfil chopper arrives, do not get on it; stay near the Turret where you must insert the Circuits. Watch as the zombies get killed, and you get tons of XP.

  1. Make the Act 1 Story Mission “Extraction” your active objective.
    • If you have already completed it, do not worry; it will still be an active Exfil Site in-game.
  2. Load into a match.
Mission for MWZ Xp Farm
  1. Get set up with all your weapons and Perks. Also, buy a Sentry Gun and a couple of Monkey Bombs from the shop.
    • If you have not previously completed this mission, make sure Tombstone is one of your Perks. This will make sense later on.
  2. Head to the Exfil site that is marked by a star.
Exfil for MWZ Xp Farm
  1. Board the helicopter to transport to the story location.
  2. Upon arrival, grab the Turret Circuit that is located directly in front of you and on the second set of metal pipes.
Turret Circuit Board
  1. Now, make your way to the helipad on the opposite side of the map. The fastest way to do so is by using the ziplines found on the middle left of the map (E4), as shown in the image below.
Ziplines in MWZ location
  1. Set up a permanent Monkey Bomb right in front of the Turret.
    • To do this, you must place a Sentry Gun, then put a Monkey Bomb directly on top.
    • Wait for around 7 seconds and move the Sentry Gun with the Monkey Bomb still in place.
    • This will cause it to fall.
    • Once it explodes, it will remain where it fell, constantly attracting the zombies.
    • For a more in-depth guide, check out our article on the permanent Monkey Bomb glitch.
Permanent Monkey Bomb Glitch for MWZ XP Farm
  1. Once this has been done, head back to the start and run through the mission steps.
  2. While the final countdown for Dr. Jansen is ongoing, you will need to find more Turret Circuits. Here are some locations:
    • Out the back of Dr. Jansen’s office by the shed on the pier’s edge.
    • Directly across from her office on top of a barrel.
    • Inside her office, on the desk under the wooden message board.
      • You must wait for the file deletion to finish for this one.
Turret Location
  1. Escort Dr. Jansen to the helipad.
  2. Let her get on the helicopter, but you must not.
  3. Head over to the Turret and insert your Circuits.
Insert Circuit Boards
  1. Now, simply hold out the weapon you wish to level up as the Turret kills the zombies being attracted to the Monkey Bomb.
    • You will have 8 minutes of this Turret.
  2. Once the Turret ends, quickly make your way to the nearest shop and buy as many Sentry Guns as you can afford.
Sentry Guns in MWZ Shop
  1. This will allow you to kill more zombies without firing your weapon.
  2. Finally, if you have not previously completed the mission before the timer runs out, go down by allowing any AI soldier to shoot you.
  3. When you bleed out, this will cause your Tombstone to spawn in the cemetery at Orlov Military Base. This will make your next run-through much quicker as you will have lots of cash to buy what you need quickly.
    • Unfortunately, if you have completed this mission, the Tombstone will not spawn. This means you must save money to get what you need.
Tombstone Stash

You can view a visual guide of this XP farm method in Glitching Queen’s video below:

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