There’s a new unique vehicle for MW3 Zombies players to discover in MWZ – here’s everything you need to know about the Blood Burner motorcycle!

Getting around in Call of Duty’s first Warzone-sized open-world Zombies can be a pain. This is especially the case in the Tier 3 zone, where just a few collisions with undead will break your vehicle.

Thankfully, there is one ultimate mode of transportation that will never back down from a fight. In fact, it’s outright hungry for blood.

Where to Find the Blood Burner Motorcycle

Players can find the Blood Burner motorcycle primarily in the Tier 2 or 3 zones of Urzikstan, though its spawn point is random each game.

To find it, simply zoom in on your map and look for the motorcycle icon, which appears in purple.

Where to Find the Blood Burner Motorcycle Icon in MW3 Zombies

In some games, it appears that the Blood Burner does not spawn whatsoever.

It could be the case that it only spawns in certain matches, however there’s a chance that it simply doesn’t appear on the map until you get close enough to it to see the bike on the mini-map.

What Is the Blood Burner?

The Blood Burner is the ultimate vehicle of mass destruction in MWZ. This exclusive Aether Bike is an indestructible sentient motorcycle that kills any zombies it comes into contact with, and it can even talk to you!

The Blood Burner has the following voice lines:

When driving:

  • “I’m going to mow all you s**ts down!”
  • “Who needs gas when you got blood?”
  • “Speed bump!”

When getting on the bike:

  • “Heads up, s**t’s gonna get gnarly real quick.”

When getting off the vehicle:

  • “I say you could leave?”
  • “Don’t you walk away!”

On top of that, the Blood Burner has a special Aether Pulse ability that you can charge up by running down the undead.

Driving the Blood Burner in MW3 Zombies

After sufficiently charging it up, pressing R1/RB/Left Click will give off a lethal, purple pulse that eliminates all enemies in the surrounding area.

The Blood Burner won’t ever run out of fuel or health, making it the best way to get around in MW3 Zombies!

And if all that wasn’t enough, it can even drive on water!

It’s also a great way to guarantee you can extract successfully. Simply drive the Blood Burner around your Exfil point and you’ll clear out all the undead with ease.

Exfiling Without the Blood Burner Bike

Unfortunately, you can’t take it with you when you Exfil. You’ll just have to hope you run into it again the next time you drop in.

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