There’s a new trick that will help you level up your weapons with a fast XP farm in MW3 Zombies, and no, it’s not the nerfed Exfil method!

If you’re a fan of facing down hordes in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3’s Zombies mode, you may have heard that the Exfil trick has been nerfed.

In the previous Weapon XP farming method, players would call in Exfils and simply farm the undead the spawned, leading to incredible XP gains. But now that Activision has reduced the volume of Exfil hordes significantly, there’s a new method you need to be using:

New Best Weapon XP Farming Method

To farm Weapon XP at a similar rate to the original Exfil farm trick, we’re going to be grinding an infinite amount of Zombies in an Outlast Contract.

This Zombies XP farm trick works best solo, so drop into a game of MWZ with Squad Fill turned off. Then, follow these steps:

  1. When you spawn in, look for an Outlast Contract (Satellite Icon) on the map
    • It’d be far easier to perform this method in a Tier 1 Outlast Contract. If one hasn’t spawned, we recommend waiting for later in the match, or Exfiling and dropping back into a fresh game
Where to Find Outlast Contract Icon in MWZ
  1. Activate the Contract
  2. Then, travel to the specified location and interact with the PND to start defending the area
Activate PND Outlast Contract in MW3 Zombies
  1. Defend the area until the progress bar reaches at least 50%
  2. Then, leave the designated area, and look for the location where the zombies are spawning from
The Outlast Contract Progress Bar in MWZ
  1. Kill as many undead as you can, using the weapon you want to level up
    • Using Field Upgrades such as Energy Mine, or Equipment like grenades also counts towards your equipped weapon XP gain
Zombies Running From Their Spawn in MW3 Zombies
  1. When the Analysis Progress bar drops, head back to the designated site until it fills back up. Then head back outside to the spawn point when it’s high enough
  2. You can now farm an infinite number of zombies and gain a ton of XP!

This method offers similar XP gain to the Exfil trick (pre-nerf), and it’s just as easy to set up. You can now enjoy leveling up your guns to max rank in a single game once again!

That is, until Activision catches wind of the new MW3 Zombies Weapon XP farm method and it inevitably gets an adjustment.

Need a demonstration? Check out this method in action in this video guide from YouTuber ZoneX:

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