Here are five tips to help you survive and complete quests in MWZ’s High-Level Threat area, the Tier 3 Zone.

MWZ’s Tier 3 Zone is challenging to navigate, and you will undoubtedly struggle if you don’t have the right gear. Completing contracts in this area is vital to collecting those powerful and desirable schematics.

We have compiled a list of five things we think are essential or helpful to benefit you in the quest for those rare plans.

5 Tips For the Tier 3 Zone

Here are our essential tips for surviving and completing contracts in MWZ’s Tier 3 Zone:

  1. Don’t waste your money on Pack-a-Punching your early-game weapon
  2. Use Sentry Guns
  3. Only do Bounty Contracts
  4. Only carry one weapon
  5. Get the Tier 3 Hellhound

1. Wait Until You Are in Tier 3 to Pack-a-Punch

You must have the best possible weapons to take down zombies in the Tier 3 Zone. This is why we suggest you save up to 20,000 Essence before you Pack-a-Punch to get a Legendary double Pack-a-Punched gun.

To effectively do this, you need to:

  1. Save up to 20,000 Essence by completing contracts in the Tier 1 area.
  2. Head to the Tier 3 Zone and search for a wall-buy weapon.
    • These are found by looking for the “Gun” icon on the map.
Wall buy in MWZ Tier 3 Zone
  1. Make sure it is a Legendary weapon before buying.
    • An orange outline marks these. Additionally, not all wall-buys will be legendary, so keep searching the Tier 3 Zone until you find one.
    • We recommend using a vehicle throughout your search.
  2. After picking up the Legendary weapon, head over to the Pack-a-Punch machine and upgrade it twice with the remaining 15,000 Essence.

When in the Tier 3 Zone, this is the minimum power of weaponry we recommend. Anything lower will not do much damage to Bosses or zombies.

MWZ Wall Buy Outline Tier 3

2. Sentry Guns

Sentry Guns in MWZ’s Tier 3 Zone are incredibly powerful and can take down Bosses in under a minute.

To stack up on Sentries, you can head to any Tier 3 shop, as they will also be in stock. This will make grinding those Bounty contracts much more effective, and you can burn through many of them.

Each purchase of a Sentry Gun will cost you 2,000 Essence. Just look at the video below, which demonstrates the power of this kill streak.

We barely did any damage to the Mega Abomination, and when we unfortunately went down, the Sentry Gun shredded the boss!

3. Bounty Contracts

Bounty Contracts are the quickest and easiest to grind in the Tier 3 Zone. After all, it only involves you shooting at a Boss while evading the horde of zombies.

All the other contracts in this zone are pretty hard, although the Deliver Cargo would be closest to the difficulty of Bounties so you could complete these as well.

If you are grinding for Schematics, we suggest you stick to Bounty Contracts. If there are none in the area, grab and cancel a random contract. This will spawn new ones.

To cancel contracts, bring up your Tac-Map and hold the following buttons:

  • Xbox: Y
  • PlayStation: Triangle
  • PC: ESC
Bounty Contract

4. Only Carry One Weapon

Surviving in Tier 3 will require you to have the full 250 health with Jugger-Nog and a three-plate vest. But the most crucial thing is Movement Speed.

The undead in this zone move incredibly fast and can catch up to you if you have an Assault Rifle or SMG in hand.

That is why we suggest only using one gun. This means if you need to create distance from the horde behind you, whipping out your fists will give you the Movement Speed you need. Of course, you will also need Stamin-Up.

The only exception is if you have a Ray Gun as a second weapon. This Wonder Weapon gives you quite a bit of speed when running.

One Weapon Only

5. Tier 3 Hellhound

The Tier 3 Hellhound is an incredibly powerful companion. This undead canine boasts tons of health, can easily take down zombies, and the best part? As long as they are alive, they can revive you anytime you go down.

Players must collect four Chunk of Flesh items to get this pet to roam alongside them. We found the easiest way to get these is to kill zombies with explosive or fire damage.

Once you have the flesh, head over to the location showcased in the image below and place them in the doghouse. We have a more in-depth guide to getting Hellhound if you need more information!

Tier 3 Zone Doghouse Location MWZ
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