Ever since launch, players have complained about the awful spawns present in MW3.

Many believe it’s the game’s biggest and most glaring issue, second only to the much-despised use of skill-based matchmaking.

The current state of spawns in Modern Warfare 3 is leaving a lot of players frustrated with the state of the game.

Spawn System Explained

Spawns in MW3 have done away with the spawn system of older games and are instead far more inconsistent and unpredictable.

Although unpredictable spawns sound good on paper, the way it is set up ends up hurting the multiplayer experience:

In the older Call of Duty titles, teams would spawn on opposite sides of the map and would ‘flip’ when one team was overwhelming the other.

Eventually, players caught on to this and would adjust their position accordingly to exploit this system.

This led to a shift in the more modern COD games. They made it so that you would spawn at different locations on the map, rather than just opposite sides.

It’s intended to spawn you in locations away from danger, but not too far away from where the action is happening.

Terminal multiplayer key art for MW3

However, MW3 seems to be having a bit of an identity crisis in this regard, as it seems to incorporate a weird mix of both spawn systems.

This results in a chaotic system that sees players spawn in random locations where there isn’t a clear distinction between friendly or enemy-controlled areas of the map.

Most games end up feeling like a free-for-all, where any sense of positioning and tactics is thrown out of the window.

MW3's Terrible Spawns Are a Huge Problem

Check out TheXclusive Ace’s brilliant analysis video below for more details on how the spawn system in MW3 works. Although based on the Beta, a lot of it still holds up to the post-launch experience:

Why Are Spawns So Bad in MW3?

As things currently stand, the spawn system in MW3 is bad as it is set up in a way that frequently positions players very close to the enemy and directly in their line of sight. This leads to frequent unfair deaths and the potential to carry out spawn traps.

Spawn trapping has reared its ugly head in Call of Duty since the series’ humble beginnings. It seems to be particularly prevalent in MW3.

Essentially, it allows enemy players to figure out where you are spawning to ‘trap’ you in your spawn area. It can lead to some extremely frustrating moments, such as this:

Many are quick to point out that MW3’s remade maps aren’t built with this spawn system in mind, leading to broken spawns that ruin the game:

Furthermore, many COD fans believe that revenge spawns are ruining MW3 multiplayer. In a nutshell, revenge spawns involve spawning you close to the person who just killed you as a way to get your own back.

However, in practice, this just leads to many imbalances and unfair deaths:

These are all issues that have been present since MW3’s release in November.

Hopefully, with enough fan outcry, Sledgehammer Games will take notice and implement a fix in the near future!

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