If you’re looking for the fastest way to level up those MW3 guns, make sure to take advantage of the new MWZ Zombies XP trick!

A brand-new Call of Duty game is here, and that means that players have their hands full with the grind. But if you want to skip to the good part and start playing with max level weapons right away, there’s an easy trick to help you get there.

MWZ, the new MW3 Zombies mode, is the ultimate XP farm for leveling up weapons. But you’ll need to know what to do.

How to Level Up Guns With Fast XP Trick

  1. Take the weapon into MWZ as your Insured Weapon, or find and use it as Contraband in-game
    • You’ll also want the Energy Mine Field Upgrade to be in your starting loadout
  2. After dropping in, complete an easy contract, such as a Bounty to get some XP while passing time
  3. After that, Exfil markers will have spawned on the map. Find a nearby Exfil and head to it
Exfil icon on Tac-Map in MWZ
  1. Interact with the green smoke to trigger an Exfil
    • This will cause a horde of zombies to spawn at your location
  2. Kill as many of the zombies as possible using the weapon you’re attempting to level up quickly
    • Don’t pick up Nuke powerups, as you want to kill zombies with your weapon for the XP
  3. Keep fighting the undead until the Exfil chopper leaves – without getting on it
  4. Then, after a brief cooldown, you can interact with the green smoke again to trigger another Exfil
  5. Once you’re done ranking up your gun to max level, simply hop on the Exfil chopper and get out of there!
    • You can also just quit out of the game, but this will cause you to lose your Insured Slot, meaning you won’t be able to drop back in with a fresh weapon of your choice and start the process over
Calling the Exfil in MW3 Zombies

Tips & Tricks

  • Before jumping into a game, be sure to check if you have any Double XP Tokens to use! This will speed up the weapon grind tremendously, and ensure that you have the time to max level a gun in a single game of Zombies.
  • The further you are into the game, the more zombies will spawn during your Exfil attempt.
  • If you get overwhelmed, use your Energy Mine to thin the crowd!
    • The XP from kills using this Field Upgrade do count towards the weapon you’re currently using, as do grenade kills and Monkey Bombs
  • We suggest kiting the zombies (making them follow you) while shooting into the horde, to avoid being surrounded. The undead tend to drop plenty of ammo though, so be sure to circle back when you’re getting low.
  • It’s worth noting that every player who hits a zombie appears to get weapon XP when it dies. Therefore, if you’re attempting this fast level-up trick in a group, try hitting as many undead targets as possible.
Farming Zombies in MWZ Exfil Site

This strategy is also great for unlocking Zombies Camos, particularly ones that include racking up kills.

And on top of that, our player level went up over 10 ranks in a single game, which will make it very easy to hit Level 55 in no time.

It appears that players have already found the best Assault Rifles to use in MW3, so why not get those ranked up as fast as possible?

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