MW3 Zombies players are unhappy with their current stash sizes and are calling on Activision to add more space in Season 1, but there’s a new trick that can help you boost your storage!

Right now, the MW3 Zombies acquisition stash contains just 10 slots, which means players have to prioritize what they want to keep safe between games.

Any items deposited after that will be destroyed, as your storage space reports that it’s full.

Thankfully, there is one trick that allows you to hold up to 20 items in your acquisition stash in MW3 Zombies:

New MWZ Trick Lets You Upgrade Stash Size

  1. First, make sure your stash already contains 10 items and is therefore ‘full’
  2. Then, select an item in your Rucksack that you want to store
Raw Aetherium Crystal in MW3 Zombies Rucksack
  1. Select Swap (X / A / Space), then select Schematic Crafting and craft an item of your choice. In the image below, we chose to craft a Jugger-Nog Can
Crafting a Jugger-Nog Can in MW3 Zombies
  1. This newly-crafted item will replace your item in the Rucksack, sending the one it replaced to the stash – even if it was ‘full’
13 Items in the Acquisition Stash MWZ
  1. You can now use this trick to store up to 20 items in your acquisition stash. However, after that, each swapped-out item will be destroyed, so don’t go over your new limit!

It’s nice that we already have a workaround to help bypass the acquisition stash limit. However, it’s only a temporary solution, and one that Activision may even choose to put a stop to in the near future.

Either MW3 needs to increase the amount of storage space given to players through the stash function, or users need to be able to spend resources to upgrade the space for themselves.

We already know that Exfil streaks and rewards are coming to MWZ, so it’s possible that more Quality of Life improvements will also arrive in the premiere season.

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