We’ve only just hit Season 1 and already MW3 Zombies is starting to get ‘Pay to Win’ content in the Call of Duty Store.

First off, it’s important to note that MWZ (AKA Modern Warfare 3 Zombies) is not a Player vs Player game. Therefore, any Pay to Win elements that may be added shouldn’t really impact other users.

But be that as it may, some players are already getting annoyed over Activision adding Pay to Win MW3 Zombies bundles to the Store.

And if it’s already beginning to happen in Season 1, we can only imagine what it’ll look like later in the game’s lifespan.

Pay to Win Zombies Content

Already we’re noticing that Pay to Win content is starting to creep into MW3 Zombies, in the form of consumables arriving in Store bundles.

If you don’t fancy grinding Contracts, maybe you’d prefer to buy the Paint Slinger bundle in the Store for 2000 COD Points?

Paint Slinger Bundle in COD Store

Doing so will give you (among other more important items, such as skins and Blueprints) two Rare Aether Tool consumables to use in MW3 Zombies mode.

And while these consumables aren’t super powerful, it shows that Activision is willing to let players pay to skip the grind.

Another item currently appearing for some players but not others is the new Zombies: Aetherium Ultra bundle.

Outbroken Skin in MW3 Store

Not only does the bundle come with the incredible Zombies-themed Outbroken skin, but it also gives you a Refined Aetherium Crystal too!

That’s a free instant Tier 2 Pack-a-Punch in any game, for those willing to shell out 2800 COD Points.

Refined Aetherium Crystal in MW3 Bundle

We saw a similar thing with MW2’s DMZ mode, where Pay to Win content began to steadily creep into the game. It started small, offering items like an extra Active Duty Operator slot, but eventually users were getting perks like a free UAV, larger backpacks, and more!

Activision is clearly testing the waters once again as we head into MW3 Zombies Season 1. But as the seasons progress, we expect this Pay to Win MW3 Zombies content to get substantially more obvious.

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