MWZ (AKA MW3 Zombies) just got a major nerf to the Exfil horde-farming trick, and now many fans are complaining that escaping Urzikstan is just too easy.

Like in Call of Duty’s DMZ mode, MWZ tasks players with extracting successfully once they’ve finished their time in-game.

An Exfil is a difficult task by design, with players forced to face off against a horde of undead which grows according to how long you’ve been in-game.

Farming Zombies in MWZ Exfil Site

But now, Activision has seen fit to nerf Exfil horde size, potentially in an attempt to prevent players from farming XP. However, that’s not the reason the company is giving…

Why Did MWZ Nerf Exfil Zombies?

According to Activision’s latest MW3 patch notes, the number of zombies that spawn at Exfil locations has been nerfed to ‘increase stability.’

This is certainly a legitimate reason, as players were calling in Exfils to farm zombie kills and level up weapons incredibly fast.

The MWZ weapon XP farming method was so popular that players were beginning to lag servers, due to too many undead spawning on the map.

Player Response to Exfil Nerf

We’ve already seen dozens of complaints surface online, with MW3 Zombies users generally very unhappy with the nerf to Exfil hordes.

“This sucks. I wasn’t even doing it just for XP,” Reddit user Da_Wookiee writes. “It’s exhilarating to take on the massive hoard of zombies at the exfil sites, especially solo”

One of the biggest complaints regarding MWZ is how few zombies spawn around the map. Seeing a massive horde when attempting to Exfil was easily one of the most fun aspects of the mode.

“Instead of reducing XP, increasing the exfil cooldown or investing in proper servers for once, they take away some of the intensity and fun of this mode,” user JeRicHoOl agrees.

Other fans are complaining that aside from the lack of excitement, Exfiling is just too easy now, with no real challenge offered by the mode’s final moments.

If the servers truly couldn’t handle so many zombies spawning, then we can understand the need for change.

However if, as many fans believe, this was actually a nerf to prevent XP farmers from grinding weapon levels a little too fast, it’s a real shame for those who enjoy MW3’s take on the Zombies formula.

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