There’s a new trick that lets you not only keep your Pack-a-Punch level after a game of MW3 Zombies, but it’ll give you some extra rewards too!

If you’re a dedicated Zombies player, you may have already explored every inch of the Tier 3 zone in MWZ. However, for most users, the area is simply too dangerous, as the undead spawn in tremendous numbers and they’re far stronger than other zombies.

But if you’ve got a strong weapon that you just have to keep for future games, this Easter egg will let you carry forward your gun’s strength even after an Exfil!

How to Keep Your Pack-a-Punch Gun

To keep your Pack-a-Punch level and carry it forward to future games of MW3 Zombies, you need to head to the castle in Seatown, near the west border of the Tier 3 zone.

Where to find the grave in MW3 Zombies

On the castle’s roof, you’ll find a grave that you can interact (Square/X/F) with to Pay Respects.

Doing so will strip your gun back to its base rarity, also removing all Pack-a-Punch levels and Ammo Mods.

Grave in MW3 Zombies

Then, a Reward Rift will spawn above the grave, containing the necessary Aetherium Crystals, Aether Tools, and Ammo Mods you need to get your gun back to the level it was at.

But if all this trick does is break your gun down into its upgrade materials, why is this trick worth doing?

Free Elemental Pop Reward Rift in MWZ

The good thing about this Easter egg is that all of those items you just collected can be retained on Exfil – unlike a Pack-a-Punched weapon!

You can then use them from your inventory as soon as you load into the next game of MWZ to immediately Pack-a-Punch and upgrade your gun!

Whereas extracting with your fully-upgraded weapon would just give you a basic version of the gun, this trick lets you immediately re-upgrade the gun after jumping back into MW3 Zombies!

Aether Tools and Ammo Mods in MW3 Zombies

And if all that wasn’t enough, you also have a chance of getting a free Elemental Pop Perk Can from the Reward Rift.

This is the final free Perk Easter Egg to be discovered in MW3 Zombies, but the rest are far easier to get your hands on in-game.

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