A new boss has arrived in MW3 Zombies, as players can take down Dokkaebi. This South Korean–born warlord is an experienced lieutenant with Terminus Outcomes and is highly trained in electronic warfare.

Fighting bosses in MWZ is not easy. Trust us, we often have difficulties taking them down. However, we have found some essential tips to defeat her.

First, you will need to know the details on how to access her Fortress. So, let’s dive into where you can find this new boss and how you can bring Dokkaebi down in MW3 Zombies.

Where to Find Dokkaebi

If you want to find Dokkaebi in MWZ, look no further, as she will always be found in her Fortress. You can find this location on top of a skyscraper in Zaravan City!

Due to her high experience with electronics, she will use many drones, turrets, and a Wheelson to protect herself.

However, you will need a key in order to enter the Fortress.

MW3 Zombies Dokkaebi Location

Where to Get Dokkaebi Fortress Key

To get the keycard for the Dokkaebi Fortress, you will have to obtain one from a Mercenary Safe. This can be done by taking over a Mercenary Stronghold, in which you will need a keycard for.

  • Locate a Mercenary Stronghold Keycard.
    • You can buy one from a Buy Station for 2,000 Essence or loot one from a Mercenary Camp.
Stronghold Keycard In Shop
  • Open your map and look for the closest Mercenary Stronghold.
  • Head to the location and unlock the door.
Mercenary Stronghold Icon
  • Scout the building for the safe and begin to crack it.
  • Defend yourself from any Mercenary Soldiers.
  • Once the safe is cracked, open it to reveal the rewards, which should include a Dokkaebi Fortress key.
Dokkaebi Fortress Keycard MW3 Zombies

Easiest Way to Defeat Dokkaebi

Here are our tips for defeating Dokkaebi in MW3 Zombies:

  1. Slowly make your way through the building.
    • To get to Dokkaebi, you will have to make your way through the building. We recommend taking your time, healing up after each fight, and collecting Armor Plates dropped by soldiers.
  2. Make sure your weapons have as a minimum Rare rarity.
    • This will increase your damage and make sure your weapons are strong enough to defeat her.
    • If you have Aether Tools, we suggest entering the match with them. This way, you can save time and reduce the chance of another team taking down this boss.
  3. Pack-a-Punch your guns.
    • Make sure to have three Pack-a-Punch levels on your weapon. This will make it much stronger, and you will deal more damage.
    • You can bring in Aetherium Crystals to speed up this process and make sure no one else takes down Dokkaebi before you.
Tools and Crystals MWZ
  1. Bring in Perks.
    • Before the match, make sure to bring in Perks. We recommend having at least the following cans:
      • Juggernog
      • Speed Cola
      • Deadshot Daquiri
      • Stamin Up
      • Quick Revive
Perks MW3 Zombies
  1. Destroy the Bomb Drones.
    • Make sure to destroy any Bomb Drones coming near you. Even with PHD Flopper, these deal tons of damage to you.
    • They are especially dangerous when they come at you in pairs.
  2. Do not do it Solo.
    • While you can attempt it solo, this is something we do not recommend. We died many times trying it alone.
Fighting Dokkaebi MW3 Zombies

Dokkaebi Fortress Rewards

For completing the Dokkaebi Fortress, you will earn the “Mediator” Weapon Blueprint for the KVD Enforcer Marksman Rifle.

In truth, the reward does not match the difficulty level, and we would suggest just staying away, as it is not worth your time completing.

The KVD Enforcer is not a powerful weapon in any mode, including MWZ, Warzone, and Multiplayer. Overall, you will more than likely not use this gun much.

MW3 Zombies Dokkaebi Rewards
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