MW3 Zombies is one of the modes players hope to see in the upcoming Call of Duty, and thanks to a mysterious audio clip, we finally have confirmation.

COD Zombies is a mode that allows players to test out their Call of Duty skills by placing them into a survival round mode. It gives players a break from the usual multiplayer and Warzone chaos and allows them to explore a new story tied around a mysterious zombie outbreak.

At first, there was a lot of discussion regarding Zombies even coming to MW3, but thanks to a new update from Sledgehammer and a mysterious audio clip, we finally have confirmation.

MW3 Zombies Confirmed by Audio Clip

Call of Duty has confirmed that MW3 will have Zombies in a recent update on the official blog. They have already begun to tease it using an audio clip of zombies growling sent to players who texted the Unknown Caller “Zombies.”

If you want to hear the audio clip for yourself, then you can check it out in the tweet below or even text “Zombies” to the Unknown Caller at (202) 918-3022 (US Only).

The audio seems to start with a ringing sound that is often heard in the popular mode, followed by the iconic noise of the COD Zombies growling.

MW3 hasn’t revealed much about how they will implement the survival mode, but it is worth noting that this is the first time a Modern Warfare game has a Zombies mode. Treyarch is the studio that usually handles COD Zombies.

However, in their most recent update, Call of Duty mentioned that the new Modern Warfare Zombies would be the largest Zombies offering to date. This means they will likely expand on the Zombie Outbreak mode from Black Ops Cold War that captivated the players.