To complete certain Challenges to unlock Camos and earn XP in MW3, you need to get Penetration Kills – but where are the best places to get them?

Penetration Kills are one of the trickier Challenges to complete in Modern Warfare 3. You need to be in the right place at the right time to pull one off, and it’s not very obvious where and how to do it from the offset.

Fortunately, it’s a lot simpler than it first appears. Below we go over what Penetration Kills are and the best places to get them in MW3.

What Are Penetration Kills?

Penetration Kills (otherwise known as Wall Bangs) are kills you get by shooting through certain objects and obstacles during a MW3 multiplayer match.

To achieve these kills easily, you need to have the right weapon and rounds equipped while also understanding what materials offer the least resistance, making it easier to shoot through them.


You must use weapons that have a high bullet penetration to get Penetration Kills. Here are the gun types that have high bullet penetration in MW3:

  • LMGs
  • Sniper Rifle

LMGs are typically associated with Penetration Kills. You need to get a certain number of Penetration Kills to unlock one of the Mastery Camo skins of each LMG weapon in MW3.

Penetration Kills Challenge to get the Ember Glitch Camo for the Pulemyot 762 LMG in MW3

Piercing Rounds

It’s also important to equip Armor-Piercing Rounds to make this process even easier. To do this, head into the Ammo slot in the Gunsmith menu of your weapon of choice and select Armor-Piercing Rounds:

Highlighting the Ammunition slot in the Gunsmith for the Bruen MK9 in MW3

Ideal Surfaces

As mentioned, bullets can only pass through certain surfaces in Modern Warfare 3. Here are the types of surfaces that you can shoot through to get Penetration Kills:

  • Glass windows
    • That’s right, any window you come across in MW3 counts as a Penetration Kill when you shoot through it! There are many spots in Terminal where you can easily pull this off
  • Wood
    • Wooden crates, fences, and doors can be shot through
  • Sheet metal
    • Certain types of metal surfaces can be shot through in MW3. The best example of this can be found in Shipment and its countless metal crates scattered throughout the map
  • Wire fences
    • Strangely, the myriad of wire fences found throughout the majority of MW3’s multiplayer maps count as a penetrable surface. Wire fences are probably one of the easiest ways of getting Penetration Kills, as your line of sight is not obstructed

Best Maps & Spots to Farm Penetration Kills

The best maps to farm Penetration Kills in MW3 are:

They each have a variety of useful spots to get kills by shooting through objects.


Shipment has a plethora of large metal crates dotted around the map. These great big hulking metal boxes might seem like they provide a nice bit of cover at first glance, but be wary, as it’s not as safe as it first appears.

It turns out that you can shoot straight through the surface of these metal crates, allowing you to rack up Penetration Kills quickly. This Reddit user found a really nice spot to do just that:

Perhaps one of the best areas to farm for Penetration Kills is this specific spot located by some wooden crates and boxes, showcased here:

It has a high amount of foot traffic, meaning that you’re likely to get a decent amount of kills by camping in one spot and spraying and praying. Just look at you go!


Like Shipment, Rust is another close-quarters map that forces you into frequent engagements with the enemy. Fortunately for those looking to get Penetration Kills, Rust offers quite a few decent options.

One of the best locations to get them on Rust is at the corner of this wire fence, as demonstrated by this Reddit user:

It’s located in the corner of the map, right by a truck. All you’ve got to do is aim your sights through the chain link fence and wait for any poor souls to get in your line of sight.


Scrapyard also has a wire fence where you can rack up some easy Penetration Kills in MW3. One of the warehouse buildings at the far end of the map has a wire fence conveniently placed for you to mow down enemies with your trusty LMG or Sniper.

Just hop on top of this box and get ready to kill any enemies who pop up on the other side of the fence:

Highlighting wooden crate in front of wire fence for Penetration Kills in Scrapyeard in MW3
Credit: Draconic

As it’s a bit of a vulnerable camping spot, we’d recommend placing claymores nearby to cover your back position. Check out the video below to get a better idea of how to get Penetration Kills in Scrapyard:


Terminal is a fantastic place to get Penetration Kills as it gives you a huge amount of options.

There are countless glass windows in Terminal where you can shoot through to get a Penetration Kill:

Windows in Terminal Map for Penetration Kills in MW3
Credit: Dr Borta

You can even shoot through any of the windows while aboard the plane:

Windows on plane in Terminal map in MW3
Credit: Dr Borta

Once the glass is broken, you can line up your shots to shoot between the windows and through the plane itself to ensure you get more Penetration Kills.

Check out this video from YouTuber Dr Borta for more on how to get Penetration Kills on Terminal:

For more of Modern Warfare 3’s Challenges, be sure to check out how to get Fury Kills here!

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