MW3’s incredibly annoying weapon check animations have finally been removed in an update and fans couldn’t be happier about it!

Before the update, players reported that their characters would regularly perform an unavoidable weapon checking/gun cocking animation after spawning. It led to frequent unavoidable deaths.

It’s an issue that plagued Modern Warfare 3’s smaller multiplayer maps and modes since its launch.

Thankfully, Sledgehammer Games has taken note of player feedback and removed this annoying feature!

Weapon check animation for LMG in MW3

Players Love the Removal of Weapon Check Animations

MW3 fans are pleased about the removal of weapon check animations and praise Sledgehammer Games for finally listening to feedback about this much-hated feature.

Sledgehammer Games confirmed this change over on Twitter/X:

As well as adding a filter for the popular Gun Game mode in Quick Play, SHG also removed the weapon check animation after respawning in MW3’s small map playlists. Fans couldn’t be happier about it:

Fan comments on Twitter about remocal of weapon check animations in MW3

This is great news for Call of Duty fans. Previously, players died frequently due to this frustrating animation. Other players would kill them before they got a chance to properly react.

Its unwanted effects were particularly noticeable and prominent in MW3’s smaller close-quarters maps, such as Meat and Shipment:

byu/SledgehammerGames from discussion

As mentioned above, the COD community would like it removed from everywhere else in the game, not just small map playlists:

byu/SledgehammerGames from discussion

Many seem to agree that the weapon check animation is terrible and want it completely removed from the game.

It’s a step in the right direction for sure, but here’s hoping Sledgehammer Games can look into removing it entirely in the future!

What is the Weapon Check Animation?

Weapon check animations in MW3 are where your character checks that their gun is loaded, cocked, and ready for action. It’s an unavoidable animation that often occurs at the beginning of a multiplayer match in MW3.

Before the recent update, it frequently occurred after respawning and was more noticeable on smaller maps.

Here’s an example of the weapon check animation in MW3:

MW3 How to Stop Annoying Gun Cocking Animation After Respawn

As you can see, the character is tilting their gun to the side and checking that their mag is fully loaded.

To get a better idea of the weapon check animations for all launch MW3 weapons and how long they take, check out the video below from Nemsk:

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