Despite Season 1 releasing in December, players can hop into the entire MW3 Warzone map, Urzikstan, right now thanks to the Modern Warfare 3 Zombies game mode.

The new map is one of the main locations in MW3’s campaign. It also hosts several Ground War maps and is the central location for MWZ in Modern Warfare 3.

Thankfully, Call of Duty fans don’t need to wait to explore the new Warzone map. They can hop in and explore every nook right now in MWZ!

Successful Exfil on Helicopter in MWZ

How to Play the New Warzone Map

To explore the new MW3 Warzone map, all you need to do is play a game of Modern Warfare Zombies in MW3. You must purchase Modern Warfare 3 to gain access to MWZ.

This mode takes place entirely in the full map of Urzikstan, which is the same map that will be used in Season 1 of MW3 Warzone when it releases in December!

Exfil in zone one on tac-map in MWz

The entire Urzikstan map is fully explorable from the get-go in any given match of MWZ. It allows players to fully experience the whole Warzone map for Season 1 for the first time before its official release.

It’s a fantastic way to get to grips with the new map, its layout, and everything it has to offer before it releases in Season 1 of MW3.

Urzikstan has 11 points of interest to loot and explore:

  • Levin Resort
  • Popov Power
  • Orlov Military Base
  • Seaport District
  • Urzikstan Cargo
  • Old Town
  • Low Town
  • Hadiqa Farms
  • Zaravan City
  • Zaravan Suburbs
  • Shahin Manor
COD Next Urzikstan Points of Interest MW3 Warzone

Allegedly, the new Warzone map will be released on December 5 alongside Season 1, according to leaks. This is a great opportunity to explore the various points of interest Urzikstan has to offer:

You can also experience the various contracts and missions you can complete in MWZ and level up your weapons while you get a lay of the land!

For more on MW3’s Zombies mode, be sure to check out our guide on how to successfully Exfil with your loot in MWZ!

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