The MW3 and Warzone Season 1 Roadmap has been revealed as Call of Duty players can expect a ton of new content to arrive in-game.

From new modes, maps, weapons, and much more, let’s dive into everything released in the inaugural season of MW3.

According to the MW3 and Warzone Season 1 Roadmap, this update goes live on December 6 at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET / 5 PM GMT.

Content Roadmap

Here is all of the content released across all modes in Modern Warfare 3, MWZ, and Warzone:


Five New Weapons

  • XRK Stalker – Sniper Rifle – Free unlock via Battle Pass
XRK Stalker via MW3 Season 1 Roadmap
  • RAM-7 – Assault Rifle – Free unlock via Battle Pass
RAM-7 in MW3 Season 1
  • Stormender – Launcher – Free unlock via Battle Pass
Stormender MW3 Season 1
  • HRM-9 – SMG – Unlock via an Armory Unlock In-Season
HRM-9 MW3 Season 1
  • TAQ Evolvere – LMG – Unlockable In-Season
TAQ-Evolvere MW3 Season 1

Nine New Aftermarket Parts

  • JAK Purifier – An under-barrel flamethrower
    • Compatible with: MCW, MTZ-556, Holger 556, DG-56, SVA 545, RAM-7, MTZ-762, BAS-B, Sidewinder, Riveter
  • JAK Ettin Double Barrel KitTwo Barrel’s that fire at the same time
    • Compatible with: AMR9
  • JAK Thunder LMG Kit – Coversion Kit
    • Compatible with: Sidewinder (BR)
  • JAK BRB – Compensator
    • Compatible with Many Assault Rifles, Submachine Guns, Battle Rifles, Marksman Rifles, and Sniper Rifles.
  • JAK BullseyeOptic
    • Compatible with: TBA
  • JAK Glassless OpticOptic
    • Compatible with: TBA
  • JAK Signal BurstConversion Kit
    • Compatible with: Holger 556 (AR)
  • JAK Beholder Rifle KitConversion Kit
    • Compatible with: TYR
  • JAK Headhunter Carbine ConversionConversion Kit
    • Compatible with: Rival-9 (SMG)
Mw3 Season 1 Aftermarket Parts

Three New Operators

  • Nolan (KorTac) – Arrives at Launch
Nolan MW3 Season 1
  • Dokkaebi (KorTac) – Arrives at Launch
Doekkabi MW3 Season 1
  • Abolisher (SpecGru) – Arrives at Launch
Abolisher MW3 Season 1

Prestige Levels

Prestige Levels have arrived, with players being able to reach Prestige 5 when Season 1 is released.

  • Level 56 – Prestige 1
  • Level 100 – Prestige 2
  • Level 150 – Prestige 3
  • Level 200 – Prestige 4
  • Level 250 – Prestige 5
MW3 Season 1 Prestige Progression


Four New Maps

Four new maps are arriving in MW3 Season 1:

  • Meat – 6v6 – Arrives at Launch
Meat MW3 Season 1 Map
  • Greece – 6v6 – Arrives at Launch
Greece MW3 Season 1 Map
  • Rio- 6v6 – Arrives In-Season
Rio MW3 Season 1 Map
  • Training Facility 2v2 – Arrives at Launch
Training Facility Map

New Modes

  • Gunfight – Launch
    • Two teams of two face off in round-based matches with no respawns. Players receive randomized Loadouts every two rounds, and the first team to win six rounds emerges victorious, with Overtime Flag and health-based tiebreakers in play.
  • All or Nothing – Launch
    • In “All or Nothing,” players start with Throwing Knives and no ammo, needing one elimination to unlock the Scavenger Perk for ammo retrieval. The objective is to be the first to reach 20 eliminations in this high-stakes game mode.
  • Vortex – In-Season
    • In “Vortex,” a free-for-all mode, a player starts with the powerful Ray Gun, a one-shot Zombies Wonder Weapon. The person who eliminates the Ray Gun holder takes control of this pistol. The action unfolds on three remixed Multiplayer maps: Satan’s Quarry, Sporeyard, and Tetanus.
Vortex mode
  • Santa’s Slayground – Mid-Season
    • Complete Event Challenges for rewards and explore holiday-themed maps like Shipmas and Hangover, but beware of getting bitten. More details on this Event and limited-time modes will be revealed closer to Mid-Season.
Santa's Slayground mode
  • Headquarters – Mid-Season
    • A mode where teams vie for control of the Headquarters location and must defend it without respawns. The Headquarters rotates gradually, challenging teams to adapt and hold their ground strategically throughout the match.
  • Infected – Mid-Season
    • In this survival game mode, one player spawns randomly as the infected, aiming to eliminate other survivors.
  • Team Gunfight – Mid-Season
    • a 6v6 version of Gunfight on standard Multiplayer maps, where players start each round with the same randomized Loadout. The Loadout changes during the match.
Team Gunfight

New Vest

  • Assassin Vest (Stealthy Killer)
    • In this vest, kills don’t display skulls, and immunity to UAV and radar effects is granted, even when stationary.
      • If used with Ghost T/V Camo, you receive Hijacked IFF Strobe.
Assassin Vest

Two New Killstreaks

  • Swarm – Requires 15 Kills or 1,875 Points
    • Release a swarm of mosquito drones that cover the entire area
  • EMP – Requires 13 Kills or 1,625 Points
    • Disrupts all enemy Killstreaks and equipment
New Killstreaks

Ranked Play – (Mid-Season)

Ranked Play will be returning in MW3, featuring the Call of Duty League-approved rules as well as the Modern Warfare 3 maps and weapons.

Worked on by Treyarch, it will arrive Mid-Season.

Ranked Play


New Urzikstan Map & Modes

The new Urzikstan map in Warzone will be dropping in Season 1. Alongside its release, you can expect the following modes:

  • Battle Royale
  • Resurgence
  • Plunder
Urzikistan Map

Additionally, an Urzikistan Resurgence mode will be available, including these locations:

  • Orlov Military Base
  • Popov Power
  • Zaravan Suburbs

In-season, Warzone players can also look forward to some LTMs. Lockdown will make its return, as well as the brand-new Slay Ride Resurgence.

Soldiers in Warzone

Vondel & Ashika Island Return

Vondel and Ashika Island will become available 48 hours into Season 1’s launch. These maps carry forward from MW2’s Warzone.

Ashika Island

Movement Updates

There are a ton of movement updates arriving in Warzone. Here is what is coming:

  • Slide canceling
  • Tac-Stance
  • ADS while sliding
  • Running while reloading
  • A slight movement boost when using the Stim Tactical
Movement Updates

Gameplay Updates

The following Gameplay changes will be coming to Warzone:

  • Backup Pistol
  • Improved Water Combat
  • Manual Gas Mask
  • Experimental Gas Grenade
  • Dedicated Ammo Slots
  • Loot Rarity
  • Contract Activation Laptop
  • Updated Tac Map Icons
  • Classic Red Dots
  • Improved Loot Spreading
  • Quality of Life Updates Will Carry Forward
Two players on Urzikistan

New Methods of Travel

There are three new ways to traverse the Warzone map. These include:

  • Driveable Train
  • Horizontal Ziplines
  • Coyote Vehicle
Coyote vehicle

Returning Contract

The Big Game Bounty Contract is returning to Warzone. Picking this up will place a reward on the player with the highest number of eliminations in the match. Eliminate that player to earn an Advanced UAV.

New Public Event

“Fly Buy” is a new Public Event in Urzikstan featuring the possibility of multiple Drones flying in to deploy additional Buy Stations into the map.

Updates to Strongholds

Strongholds have been updated for Warzone Season 1. Here are the changes:

  • Access is limited to a Public Event
  • Cash Drops can spawn during an Infil
  • Blacksite keys can be found as part of ground loot
Player diving from sky

New Perks

Players will still choose from a pre-set or a Custom Perk Package. However, some Perks will be enabled by default.

All Warzone players will have the following active:

  • Tac Pads: Improves slide distance and allows full ADS while sliding, along with increased stance transition speeds.
  • Commando Gloves: Enables reloading while running.
  • Quick-Grip Gloves: Increases your weapon swap speed.
  • Climbing Boots: Increases climbing and mantling speed aspect.
  • Overkill: Allows you to pick two Primary Weapons.

Additionally, alongside the current MW3 Perks, the developers have added 10 Warzone-only Perks:

  • Irradiated: Move faster and take less damage while in the gas.
  • Tempered: Now also available as a Custom Perk, Tempered allows you to refill armor plates to full with two plates instead of three.
  • Combat Scout: Bullets you fire briefly ping an enemy for you and your squad. Hitting the enemy from farther away increases the ping time.
  • Resolute: When taking damage from gunfire, this grants a short bonus to movement speed.
  • Shrouded: Drop a smoke grenade when downed.
  • Mountaineer: Reduces fall damage.
  • Stalker: Increased strafe and aim down sight movement speed.
  • Escapist: Increased downed, prone, and crouch speed.
  • Primed: Accuracy and time to aim down sight is improved while jumping.
  • Faculty: Delay-triggered explosives while sprinting, warns of nearby enemy equipment, and reduces combat noise.
Vests, Gear and weapons on ground

New Gulag Map With Gameplay Changes

There is a brand new Gulag map for Urzikistan. This new location also comes with some updated gameplay changes:

  • Ascender Overtime Finisher:
    • Replaces the old overtime flag.
    • During the match, players get an exfil rope for extraction in the middle of the Gulag.
    • Warning: Players can shoot and be shot at from the Ascender.
  • Gulag Public Events:
    • Various new events within the Gulag.
    • Examples:
      • Go Again: Offers an additional Gulag attempt if the first fight is lost.
      • Cash Grab: More money on the floor, with a big stack in the middle of the map.
      • Locked & Loaded Weapons: Provides an AMG + SMG Loadout with full armor for the victor.
  • Night Vision Gulag (In-Season):
    • The Gulag occasionally goes dark.
    • Operators are equipped with night-vision goggles for a unique twist on the Gulag experience.
New Gulag

Merry CODMas Event

  • Deck the Halls:
    • Santa has delivered presents in Urzikstan through holiday crates.
    • Open the Tac Map to locate crates during the match.
    • Rewards are earned by reaching the trees near the crate locations.
    • Operators must be prepared for a fight, as a flare is triggered when interacting near the crates.
    • Holding the point the longest rewards the player with a chance to meet Santa or something resembling Santa.
Christmas Tree Warzone
  • Zombie Santa Encounter:
    • Operators obtain a key from the Deck the Halls crates.
    • A portal appears once the key is obtained.
    • Operators can enter the portal.
    • Face off against a zombified Juggernaut Santa.
    • Defeat the evil incarnation of Santa.
    • After defeating Zombie Santa, rummage through his sack for valuable loot.
Zombies in Warzone
  • Slay Ride:
    • Santa has hijacked the train in Urzikstan.
    • Santa is distributing presents to well-behaved Operators.
    • Those who choose to be naughty will face heavy resistance.
    • Expect a mix of gift-giving and intense combat on the train.
Christmas Train
  • Snowball Fights :
    • Included in the player’s default loadout.
    • It is also available in ground loot marked by a snowflake icon on the Tac Map.
    • Snowballs can be used as a lethal weapon.
    • Snowballs are scattered all over the map for players to discover and use in combat.


New Zombies Act

Players can expect a brand-new Act to arrive. This will be kicked off with a story mission that pulls players into the Dark Aether.

Aether Worm

Dark Aether Rifts

Dark Aether Rifts will give players access to an otherworldly realm. Here is a rundown of the important details:

  • Players and their squad have a limited 30 minutes to navigate the otherworldly labyrinths.
  • Completion involves tackling a series of increasingly chaotic objectives.
  • Rewards are earned upon successful completion of the challenges.
  • Players need to find Sigils to unlock the Dark Aether Rift and access the challenges.
Dark Aether Rifts

VR-11 Wonder Weapon

This Wonder Weapon from the Black Ops Zombies map Call of the Dead returns. It will turn zombies into humans to fight by your side and turn humans into friendly zombies!

VR-11 Wonder Weapon

New Schematics

There are three new schematics you can find that will allow you to craft the following items:

  • Dog Bone – Legendary – Available at Launch
    • Consuming the Dog Bone summons a powerful Hell Hound companion.
    • The pet Hellhound follows the player and attacks nearby threats until its health is depleted.
  • Golden Armor Plate – Legendary – Available at Launch
    • The Golden Armor Plate replaces the Armor Carrier with automatically repaired plates over time.
    • Provides the user with additional damage resistance.
  • Aether Blade – Lethal Equipment – Available at Launch
    • The Aether Blade is a unique Throwing Knife with infinite ammo and a boomerang-like combat style.
    • After striking an enemy, the Aether Blade automatically seeks the next nearest enemy before returning to its Operator.
New Schematics

New Boss – Mid-Season

Dokkaebi arrives to MWZ and has brought tons of Electronic Warfare with her. She has a fleet of self-programmed autonomous drones.

Boss Fight Zombies

That is everything coming to MW3 and Warzone Season 1 per the official Roadmap. You can read the full blog post here.

MW3 Warzone Season 1 Roadmap
MW3 and Warzone Season 1 Roadmap
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