The overpowered MTZ Interceptor is finally getting a nerf in Warzone, and players are happy about it!

The MTZ Interceptor has been a meta weapon since Warzone’s Season 1 launch in early December. Raven Software has taken heed of player feedback by dialing back its power to help level the playing field.

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Fans Celebrate MTZ Interceptor Nerf

Warzone players are responding very positively online to the news of the nerf to the MTZ Interceptor coming mid next week.

The update is likely to go live on Wednesday, January 4 2024 at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET / 5 PM GMT, in exactly .

Fans have always been concerned with maintaining weapon balance in Warzone, and Raven Software is starting to take note:

It’s not just the MTZ Interceptor that Raven Software is looking at. Hopefully, this means that more positive weapon balance changes will be coming to Warzone shortly!

In the meantime, Warzone players are over the moon about the much-needed changes coming to the MTZ Interceptor:

This Reddit user seemed apologetic over dominating enemies whenever they got a MTZ Interceptor kill:

byu/xiDemise from discussion

As edjg10 points out, the MTZ Interceptor is “blatantly busted” and can outmatch most other weapons at the same distances. It’s no wonder Raven Software is looking to nerf it.

However, this doesn’t mean that there will no longer be a meta in Warzone. As this player astutely points out, other meta weapons will likely replace it shortly:

byu/xiDemise from discussion

Yo_Wats_Good makes an excellent point here. There will always be a new meta to replace the old one, but what’s more important is the use of teamwork and positioning to separate you from the crowd to ensure success in Warzone matches.

Despite this, some still believe Raven Software still has a lot of work to do regarding weapon balance in Warzone.

This player seems pretty disgruntled at some of the other current meta weapons for Warzone, including the Pulemyot, TAQ Eradicator, and WSP Swarm:

byu/xiDemise from discussion

Weapon balancing has been an ever-present issue in competitive shooters since the birth of the genre.

It’s a difficult path to tread, but we’re glad to see Raven Software putting in the effort and incorporating fan feedback. Here’s hoping there’s more where that came from!

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Why Is the MTZ Interceptor Overpowered?

As things currently stand (and before its nerf), the MTZ Interceptor is overpowered in Warzone because it can down enemies in only a couple of shots and is a very easy-to-use weapon.

As a semi-auto marksman rifle, the MTZ Interceptor thrives at mid-to-long ranges and can take out enemies with full armor plates in just a few shots in Warzone.

This Reddit user noticed the power and potential of the MTZ Interceptor early on in MW3’s life cycle:

As Warzone has you take part in mostly mid-to-long-range skirmishes in wide open spaces, it’s no wonder players quickly took advantage of the MTZ Interceptor.

It’s such a strong weapon, that the vast majority equip it in their Warzone loadouts:

Hopefully, when Raven Software implements the much-needed balance changes next week, players will see a bit more weapon variety in Warzone.

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