Call of Duty MW3 finally brought back War mode but the playlist is currently being ruined by exploiters glitching under the map for easy kills.

War mode was one of the best parts of COD WWII and a lot of players were happy to see Sledgehammer Games bring it back for Modern Warfare 3.

Unfortunately, despite a generally positive reception at launch, War mode is now entirely pointless to play, thanks to malicious users finding an exploit that allows them to hide beneath the map.

MW3 War Mode Tank Escort

Players Are Ruining War Mode By Glitching Through the Ground

MW3 War mode players are taking to abusing the exploit that allows you to glitch yourself through the ground, contesting objectives without putting themselves at risk.

What’s even worse is that these malicious players can even shoot through the ground and kill enemies, shutting down games completely while racking up kills.

It seems that the exploit is becoming more and more common in War mode, making what was formerly one MW3’s best playlists completely unplayable.

Thankfully, while War mode was initially seen as the game’s ‘no SBMM’ mode, there’s another playlist that has low Skill-Based Matchmaking and it’s perhaps even more fun.

Fans Demand Fix to War Mode

Over the last few days, we’ve seen a handful of posts get some traction on social media and the Modern Warfare 3 subreddit, calling on Sledgehammer Games to fix War mode.

“It is so annoying to be killed by a little rat under the map who is practically holding the entire game hostage bc he is contesting the tank from moving from under the map,” Reddit user Careless_Bid1602 writes.

Another exploit on the War mode map allows users to get into an unintended area on the rooftops. However, since snipers can at least be killed up there, it’s got nothing on how annoying the underground glitch can be.

byu/lilr3ap3r from discussion

Hopefully Sledgehammer is aware of the issue by now and is working to fix it.

Until it gets mentioned in the next set of patch notes, we recommend staying well clear of War mode.

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