War Mode is returning in MW3 as gamers prepare for another expansive battle experience. This mode will be accessible right from launch on November 10, 2023.

Moreover, the game developers have officially announced a “singular colossal map” designed to accommodate this grand-scale battle mode.

For those unfamiliar with the specifics of this mode, look no more, as we will delve into how War Mode works and the strategies for achieving victory.

What Is War Mode in MW3?

War Mode revolves around a narrative-driven gameplay experience. In this mode, one team takes on the role of the attackers, aiming to achieve objectives, while the opposing team assumes the role of defenders, working to protect these objective points.

The attackers will have three or four objectives throughout the game as they advance toward the final goal. These can be anything from “Repair the Bridge,” “Escort Tank,” or “Capture and Secure an Area”.

Whenever an objective is completed, the defending team will be pushed back, and the attackers will move onto the next task.

Once a round concludes, the teams will swap roles, providing each side with an opportunity to attack and defend.

Call of Duty: WWII introduced this game mode, featuring distinct maps exclusively designed to accommodate its gameplay.

During this game, throughout this mode to Call of Duty, the developers state in the blog post that this will be an “evolution” of War Mode. This means that there could be some changes to the format.

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How to Win War Mode in MW3

To win in War mode, you must be the squad that finishes the attacking side’s objectives the quickest.

When defending, you aim to reduce the time and stop the opposing team from achieving their objectives within the given timeframe.

The team in the attacking position must strive to rapidly complete the objectives, aiming to establish a fast time record.

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