MW3 (2023) will see Task Force 141 take on Makarov, their deadliest threat yet, and two voice actors from the game have leaked who will die trying.

There have been several COD games that have seen fan-favorite characters killed off for emotional impact, and many believe that MW3 (2023) will be no different.

So, who will die in MW3 (2023)? Two actors from the game have spoken out and revealed who is and isn’t going to die in the campaign.

Potential spoilers for MW3 (2023) campaign below!

Who Will Die in MW3?

It is very likely that at least two of the following characters will die in MW3 (2023):

  • General Shepherd
  • Vladimir Makarov
  • Kyle ‘Gaz’ Garrick

According to actor Elliot Knight, who plays Kyle ‘Gaz’ Garrick, there will be three deaths in MW3 (2023), including 2 “sad” ones and 1 “good.”

This was further confirmed by Simon “Ghost” Riley actor Samuel Roukin on TikTok, who clarified that neither Ghost nor Soap would die in MW3 (2023).

In response to a fan stating that Simon Riley would die, Roukin replied, “Not me this time mate.” Additionally, he reassured a fan saying they’d die if Soap died with the message, “Your not gonna die dw.”

UPDATE: Samuel Roukin has confirmed this TikTok account is not him; therefore the comments about Ghost and Soap are untrue.

TikTok replies from Samuel Roukin confirming that Soap and Ghost won't die

This all but confirms that the “good” death will be either General Shepherd or Makarov, and the “sad” deaths will be Gaz and another unconfirmed member of Task Force 141.

However, it is altogether possible that this information is a red herring and that Ghost and Soap could still die in MW3 (2023).

After all, Ghost died in the original MW2 after being betrayed by General Shepherd, and Soap died in the original MW3 while trying to take down Makarov.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that characters believed to have died within the Modern Warfare reboot games aren’t necessarily gone forever.

For example, Alex Keller, who was seemingly killed in an explosion at the end of Modern Warfare (2019), returned in Warzone as part of the Season 3 storyline.

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