MW3 update version 1.33 has arrived, addressing many issues within the game.

The launch of Call of Duty’s latest title has been far from smooth, with players facing multiple problems in their matches.

This update will alleviate some of the more prominent bugs and glitches. Gamers were expecting to see the Tac Sprint delay on this list but it seems to have only been slightly reduced.

Patch Notes

The following bugs and issues have been addressed in MW3’s update version 1.33:


  • UI will no longer get stuck after consuming a 2XP token.
    • Some playeres were getting stuck on “Activating Token” upon redeeming their 2XP.
  • Players with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 Series GPUs can now use DLSS 3 across all modes. (PC Only)
    • With DLSS NVIDIA Super Resolution and Frame Generation, DLSS 3 multiplies performance by up to 1.8X to enhance your PC experience.


  • Tac Sprint delay seemingly reduced.
    • Previously, after slide canceling into a sprint, Tac Sprint would not regen until that sprint ended. There is still a delay but it is now slightly shorter. Sledgehammer has not included this in the official patch notes although some eagle-eyed players have supposedly noticed a difference.
  • Challenges now tracking properly.
    • Challenges did not track progress for some players previously.
  • Increased hip fire control during sustained fire for the following weapons:
    • MCW
    • Bas-B
    • MTZ Interceptor
    • Renetti
    • TYR
  • Minimap Red Dots now show the correct elevation.
    • The Red Dots on the Minimap did not show the elevation of players.
  • You no longer die after spawning near a vehicle in the Parking Lot on Underpass.
    • Spawning near a vehicle in the Parking Lot on the map Underpass instantly killed players.
  • Bomb Site A on Terminal can no longer be planted from an unusual spot in Search & Destroy.
    • An unintended spot where you could plant the bomb at site A on Terminal can no longer be used.
  • Team Deathmatch score limit now 100.
    • This was previously set to 75.
MW3 players aiming down sights


  • Players eligible for a Story Mission but did not Exfil will no longer be auto-queued into a story if another squad starts it.
    • Players would auto-queue despite not participating in a Story Mission. This no longer happens.
  • Act 2 Mission will now automatically queue while in-game.
    • The missions in Act 2 would not queue upon completing your previous missions. They will now queue.

Read the official patch notes from Sledgehammer Games here!

Sledgehammer has revealed many scheduled fixes over on the official MW3 Trello Board recently, but not all of these were able to be released today.

The next update will include “key movement changes, Multiplayer weapon balancing, Zombies gameplay and stability fixes, and more.” Hopefully, we will see the Tac Sprint delay removed completely in the next patch.

MW3 Zombies players in car shooting at the undead

File Size

Here are the file sizes for MW3 Update 1.33:

  • PS5 – 2.497 GB
  • PS4 – TBA
  • Xbox Series X/S – TBA
  • Xbox One – TBA
  • PC – 964.76 MB

Once we have confirmation on the file sizes on other consoles, we will update this article.

MW3 Update 1.33 File Size
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