One of the biggest complaints with MW3 Multiplayer is the inconsistent TTK, and some players claim it is ruining their experience with the game.

Time-to-kill is always a controversial topic for Call of Duty fans, but the slightly slower TTK in Modern Warfare 3 has been almost universally praised by the community.

Despite this, a major issue with how fast you die in the game has been found. There seems to be a lot of inconsistency with how fast you can kill in MW3!

Modern Warfare 3 Has A Major TTK Issue

Many Modern Warfare 3 players have taken to social media to complain about what they feel is inconsistent TTK in the game.

There have been plenty of reports of players saying they die almost immediately and have little time to react. However, the killcam then showed all of the hitmarkers, and the TTK was a normal speed.

Favela Fight in MW3 Beta

A byproduct of this TTK issue is many MW3 players feel like they are unfairly losing gunfights.

Many MW3 fans claim that they fire at enemies first and accurately, but still end up being killed by an opponent who turns around and almost insta-kills them.

While enemies using better weapons than you could be an explanation, this wouldn’t make such a drastic difference. So what is causing this problem?

What is Causing Inconsistent TTK?

The cause of inconsistent TTK in MW3 is likely to do with the game’s servers.

Even a slight server delay can cause TTK to feel significantly different from what it actually is. This is because it causes incorrect shot registration and does not update player health quickly enough.

Below, an extreme example of this shows Redditor u/michaelgia1225 firing directly at an enemy, but with barely any hits registering.

While this case is especially bad, it is common to have less drastic instances of server delay, which either elongates TTK due to shots not registering or make deaths seem near-instant if health does not update quickly enough.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do about delay from the MW3 servers. Even if your internet is fast and has a stable connection, you may still suffer from this issue.

Key art of Operator firing an LMG in MW3

While some players think that this inconsistent TTK is a very aggressive form of SBMM kicking in to even out the skill gap, this seems extremely unlikely.

As SBMM is already very strict with MW3 matchmaking, having another skill-based system to alter damage would be overkill. Plus, it would be totally unfair!

Hopefully, developer Sledgehammer Games will address the inconsistent TTK issue in a future MW3 update. However, if it is an issue with the game’s servers, Activision might not want to make this rather costly fix!

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