The Boys make a welcome return to Call of Duty with the Supe Takedown event in MW3 – find out about all its challenges and rewards here!

While you can complete most of these challenges in any MW3 multiplayer mode or Warzone match, some are only available in the new Supe’d Up game mode in MW3.

This limited-time mode is a “Supe’d Up version” of the popular Kill Confirmed game mode in MW3. Defeated Operators will drop Temp-V instead of Dog Tags, granting you superpowers from Amazon’s The Boys!

Playing this awesome new mode and completing all the challenges during the Supe Takedown event will net you some decent rewards.

Supe'D Up Mode in MW3

Supe Takedown Dates

The Boys: Supe Takedown event arrived on January 17, 2024, and should end on Wednesday, January 24, 2024, at 7 AM PT / 10 AM ET / 3 PM GMT.

This gives MW3 players exactly  to take part in this limited-time event!

Picking up Temp-V in The Boys Supe'd Up game mode in MW3

All Challenges & Rewards

Seven rewards can be earned during the Supe Takedown event. Players must complete six challenges in MW3’s multiplayer modes or Warzone to unlock the mastery camo reward tied to the event.

Players only need to complete six challenges to get the mastery reward and can choose to do them in either MW3 multiplayer or Warzone.

Here are all the rewards for The Boys: Supe Takedown event and the challenges for each one:

  1. The Boys Calling Card
    • Multiplayer: Get 3 Operator Kills without reloading 7 times
    • Warzone: Get 7 Operator Kills while Prone
The Boys Calling Card reward for The Boys Supe Takedown Event in MW3
  1. F**k Supes Emblem
    • Multiplayer: Kill 5 Operators affected by Electric Shock in The Boys Mode
    • Warzone: Get 10 Operator Kills with SMGs
F**k Supes Emblem reward for The Boys Supe Takedown Event in MW3
  1. Battle Pass Tier Skip
    • Multiplayer: Get 10 Operator Tac-Stance Kills using the KVD Enforcer
    • Warzone: Get 5 Operator Tac-Stance Kills with Shotguns
Battle Pass tier Skip reward for The Boys Supe Takedown Event in MW3
  1. Vought-a-Burger Large Decal
    • Multiplayer: Collect 25 Temp-V Syringes in The Boys Mode
    • Warzone: Complete 7 Contracts
Vought-a-Burger Large Decal reward for The Boys Supe Takedown Event in MW3
  1. Terror Weapon Charm
    • Multiplayer: Get 25 Operator Melee Kills with the Blacklight Flashlight Equipped
    • Warzone: Get 8 Operator Melee Kills
Terror Charm reward for The Boys Supe Takedown Event in MW3
  1. Double XP Token
    • Multiplayer: Win 7 games of The Boys Mode
    • Warzone: Place in the top 10, 3 times
Double XP reward for The Boys Supe Takedown Event in MW3
  1. Death to Supes Mastery Camo
    • Completing six of the above challenges in multiplayer or Warzone will give you the Death to Supes mastery reward:
Death to Supes Mastery Camo reward for The Boys Supe Takedown Event in MW3

Remember, you have until January 24 to complete the challenges and claim your rewards!

Be sure to check out our full guide on the new The Boys: Supe’d Up LTM for more details on the new mode.

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