MW3 is getting two new skins inspired by Amazon Prime’s The Boys series, and both A-Train and Firecracker have spectacularly brutal new Finishing Moves.

If you’re a fan of The Boys, Amazon’s graphic (and oftentimes harrowing) take on the superhero genre, there’s plenty of content already waiting for you in Call of Duty.

Last year, we saw Homelander, Starlight, and Black Noir skins arrive in Modern Warfare 2 – and all three are returning to the COD Store again imminently.

And this time, they’ll even be joined by two newcomers: A-Train and Firecracker.

Homelander Laser Eyes in Call of Duty

A-Train and Firecracker Finishing Moves Leak

Ahead of The Boys’ latest Call of Duty skins dropping in MW3, both A-Train and Firecracker’s new Finishing Moves have leaked online.

As usual, bundle contents were able to be datamined before the Operators actually arrived in the store. And they may be the most brutal ones yet…


A-Train is The Seven’s speedster, currently holding the title of ‘fastest man alive.’ As such, it should come as no surprise that his Finishing Moves show off his speed.

In the standing Finishing Move, A-Train blitzes his opponent from all angles, spinning around them while delivering a flurry of punches.

And when finishing an enemy who is prone, the Operator grabs their head and drives it into the ground repeatedly at high speeds.

Check out A-Train’s Operator Bundle and how to get it here!

Sadly, there’s no Finishing Move that sees A-Train run through another player, like he does in the show’s first episode.


A brand-new superhero making her debut in The Boys Season 4 later this year, we finally have our first look at Firecracker, thanks to MW3.

It appears that Firecracker is all about her social media image, as both her standing and prone Finishing Moves involve blasting the enemy repeatedly with her weapon while filming herself posing on her phone.

Firecracker’s powers are yet to be revealed, which could be why she uses a weapon in her Finishing Move instead of any special abilities.

Check out Firecracker’s Operator Bundle and how to get it here!

However, it’s entirely possible that Firecracker’s powers don’t lend themselves to combat, as the character is shown to carry a weapon in the Season 4 promo images.

The A-Train and Firecracker Finishing Moves will each be available exclusively in the Operator’s respective bundles. Therefore, anyone looking to pick them up will have to shell out 2400 COD Points for each character.

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