After finishing their Turkey leftovers, players had enough energy to hop onto MW3 to make it the most-played Call of Duty game during a Thanksgiving holiday weekend since 2019.

This is despite the large amount of fan backlash the game has received, due to its disappointing Campaign and use of SBMM for multiplayer.

It would seem that Modern Warfare 3 is enjoying an engaged and healthy player base, regardless of the community’s issues with the game.


Most Hours Per Player

According to a post from the official Call of Duty Twitter page, MW3 had the most hours per player for a new COD game since 2019 during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend:

This suggests that Modern Warfare 3 was played more than MW2, Vanguard, and Black Ops Cold War during Thanksgiving since the rebooted Modern Warfare released in 2019.

Unfortunately, the official COD Twitter account did not provide any data to back up its claim. However, if you head over to SteamDB, you can see that there was a max player count of 131,185 players on November 25 and a peak of 147,988 players on November 26.

MW3 Thanksgiving SteamDB Peak player Sunday 26 November

This isn’t a complete picture, as these stats for Steam take into consideration all players who are playing any COD title under the COD HQ launcher.

This means that any who have played MW2, MW3, and Warzone will be taken into consideration when determining the total number of players that played MW3 during the Thanksgiving weekend.

It’s also important to note that Steam Charts don’t take into account console players, which is the platform of choice for the majority of COD players.

With that said, it still gives a good indication that MW3 has maintained an active and healthy player base since launch, with no signs of stopping.

Players Are Enjoying Multiplayer

Despite MW3’s glaring issues, it seems that many are still having a lot of fun with the game and praise its multiplayer compared to 2022’s MW2.

This user gives their extensive thoughts on why MW3 seems to be doing so well at the moment, and largely puts it down to how people are simply enjoying the game more than other recent COD releases:

Regardless of Modern Warfare 3’s problems, it seems that once players get their hands on the game, they have fun with it!

It just goes to show that if Sledgehammer Games directly address MW3’s biggest issues, it could very well grow to be one of the best COD game in years.

MW3 Light Machine Gun

If you’re looking to jump into the game, the fan-favorite Shipment map is coming soon to MW3 and is the perfect place to hop in and grind XP!

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