While MW3 is bringing back fan-favorite content, it is also introducing a slew of brand-new mechanics, including the Tac Stance movement feature.

Players will be able to take advantage of a brand-new movement feature called Tac Stance. It adds a new way of approaching combat, allowing for more precise control over how you deal with certain challenges.

So, what is Tac Stance, and how does it affect combat? Below we’ve explained everything there is to know about this new feature and how you use it.

MW3 Tac Stance Explained

The Tac Stance is a brand-new movement feature exclusive to MW3 (2023), which players can toggle while aiming down sights to improve mobility and handling.

According to the Call of Duty Blog post that first announced Tac Stance coming to the latest COD title, it is the “perfect middle-ground between hip-fire and aiming down sights.”

It trades the accuracy you get from ADS for better mobility and overall weapon handling, making it ideal for close-quarters encounters.

This is what Tac Stance will look like in-game.

Using Tac Stance will see your Operator hold their weapon in a canted (tilted/angled) position. It will be automatically toggled on when sliding.

It’s worth noting that while there will be some spread when using the Tac Stance, it is still far more accurate than hip-firing.

Tac Stance will be available on most weapons according to Sledgehammer Games, including those carried over from MW2.

So far, the specific input needed to toggle between Tac Stance and ADS has not been confirmed. However, we will update this article when it is.

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