It appears that a fair amount of players have found themselves scratching their heads trying to figure out how to get Suppressed Clean Kills in MW3.

When grinding to unlock Camos and complete Challenges in MW3, players will often come across a variety of tasks to complete, though some are more straightforward than others.

Thankfully, getting Suppressed Clean Kills involves a simple and easy process. We go through it below!

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What Are Suppressed Clean Kills?

Suppressed Clean Kills are when you get Operator Kills with a Suppressed weapon, without taking any damage whatsoever.

It is a type of Clean Kill that requires that you are at full health when you kill an enemy player. You must also have a Suppressor equipped to your gun for it to count as a Suppressed Clean Kill.

Players will most likely need to get Suppressed Clean Kills to complete Challenges for Armory and Camo unlocks. You are also likely to see it appear as one of the game’s weekly Challenges.

Here’s an example of a Suppressed Clean Kills Challenge for the Priceless Mastery Camo unlock for the BAS-B:

Highlighting Suppressed Clean Kills Challenge for the Priceless Mastery Camo for the BAS-B Battle Rifle in MW3

How to Get Suppressed Clean Kills

To get Suppressed Clean Kills in MW3, you’ll need to equip any weapon with a Suppressor attachment and use it to get a kill without taking any damage.

Though simple in theory, this can be tricky to pull off regularly, especially with the frantic and fast-paced nature of a typical COD multiplayer match.

Before you head into a game, make sure you head into the Gunsmith of your weapon of choice and equip a Suppressor:

Colossus Suppressor for the MTZ- 556 in the Gunsmith menu in MW3

Tips & Tricks

Follow these tips and tricks to ensure that you pull off Suppressed Clean Kills regularly in MW3:

  • Keep your distance
    • Shooting your enemies from afar will mitigate the chances of receiving incoming damage, which is what you need to ensure you get a Suppressed Clean Kill
Operator aiming weapon near cover in MW3 key art
  • Stealth up
    • Equip your loadout with a stealth approach in mind. You’ll be equipping a suppressor anyway, so why not go the extra mile?
    • We recommend equipping the following:
      • Covert Sneakers
      • Assassin Vest
      • Ghost T/V Camo
Assassin's Vest in Loadout menu in MW3
  • Use flanking tactics
    • If you want to get more up close and personal, you can always flank the enemy to get a drop on them. This will ensure you take out your foes before they get a chance to fight back
    • You’ll need to be aware of your movement and positioning and be fast to the trigger. Effective when done right!
  • Play in Hardcore mode
    • Playing in Hardcore will ensure you drop your enemies faster as this mode has a significantly reduced TTK
MW3 Players Firing Their weapons

And there you have it! You should be racking up those Suppressed Clean Kills in no time at all.

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