MW3 has a new Supe’d Up mode, inspired by Amazon Prime’s The Boys, and as soon as players discovered the knife meta, it quickly became unplayable.

They say never bring a knife to a gunfight but whoever thought of that saying clearly never played Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3’s newest mode.

In Supe’d Up, players can collect syringes of Temp-V, a substance capable of granting extraordinary powers to its user, from the bodies of fallen Operators.

And when you’re superpowered, there’s no need for guns any longer. In fact, they’re a hindrance.

Knives Are OP in Supe’d Up Mode

MW3 players were quick to discover that a knife is all you need to win Supe’d Up, as the mode’s superpowers make you practically unstoppable once you get a few kills.

After acquiring one Temp-V syringe, players receive the Durability power, allowing them to take more punishment from incoming bullets.

Knife in Supe'd Up Mode MW3

After two Temp-V doses, users get Super Speed, which makes them extremely hard to track. This also allows them to get the drop on enemies before they even know what’s coming.

This is part of what makes the knife the best weapon in Supe’d Up:

“Having people run Mach 12 toward you with a knife after you just spawned and have no armor, only to be instantly killed after putting 9 hitmarkers into them is the worst feeling ever,” Reddit user Lady Dalama complains.

A third Temp-V collection will net you Super Strength, leading to melee attacks instantly killing enemies. But with a knife, you were already eliminating players who don’t have Durability with one swing anyway!

Fans Are Frustrated With The Boys Mode

If an enemy gets on a roll at the start of the game, it’s extremely hard to combat them.

After all, they’re extra durable, too fast to hit, and can one-shot you with a knife easily.

MW3 The Boys A-Train 

And did we mention that collecting syringes also heals you to full, allowing you to mow down the entire enemy team with only your blade?

“Got all my challenges done that I needed the mode for and now I am done playing it,” Reddit user maxler0 comments.

It seems that for many users, the Supe’d Up mode just isn’t fun, particularly with the knife meta. However, many players will need to play it if they want to unlock the new The Boys-themed camo from the Supe Takedown event!

Death to Supes Mastery Camo reward for The Boys Supe Takedown Event in MW3

One of the challenges players must complete is to win 7 games of Supe’d Up, something that’s proving more difficult than expected.

And while there’s a corresponding Warzone challenge that users can complete instead, placing in the top 10 of Call of Duty’s Battle Royale on 3 separate occasions may prove even more difficult!

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