The new Stash House map in MW3 Season 2 has a Breaking Bad Easter egg that fans of the series are bound to love!

Call of Duty is no stranger to a reference or two within its multiplayer maps, and the developers of the series are clearly big fans of Breaking Bad.

The Santa Seña Border Crossing map in 2022’s MW2, as well as Meat in MW3, have an RV that with taped-up bullet holes in the door – just like the one from Breaking Bad. Now, Modern Warfare 3 has an even more iconic reference to the hit show!

MW2 Border Crossing Breaking Bad RV
The Breaking Bad RV in MW2’s Santa Seña Border Crossing

Stash House’s Breaking Bad Easter Egg

Eagle-eyed Call of Duty fans watching the trailer for the new Season 2 maps have spotted a pizza on the roof of a garage in the Stash House map.

Of course, this isn’t a coincidence – it is actually a reference to an iconic moment in Breaking Bad.

In Season 3 Episode 2 of Breaking Bad, Walter storms away from his house holding a pizza and flings it up into the air. While the box lands on the floor, the pizza itself lands on the roof of his garage.

As you can see from the clip below, the pizza in Breaking Bad lands in almost exactly the same place as the pizza in Stash House.

Sledgehammer Games has also confirmed that this rooftop pizza is a reference to Breaking Bad, not that it could be any more obvious. In response to the Reddit post, the developer said, “We got dipping sticks…” – the last thing Walter said before he launched the pizza.

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While this Breaking Bad Easter egg is a fun crossover for MW3 fans, there are also some fully-fledged collaborations coming soon.

In addition to Rick Grimes and Michonne from The Walking Dead coming Season 2, an upcoming Warhammer 40K crossover has been leaked!

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